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Realistic GBA Tech Demo in 2020


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
I figured out how to program my own games on the old and slow GBA and now I’m excited to share my progress with you! This is what I can push the console to do so far. I want to make it look even better in the next version. This level of detail was very difficult to achieve and this really has taught me extreme optimization and how to fight for every last frame per second.

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Goddamn, the GBA had so much untapped potential. Games like V-Rally 3 already showed what the system was capable of in terms of 3D rendering, but this is on a whole other level ! That demo looks so incredible, I wanna buy a EZ-Flash Card ASAP to play it on my own machine :-D

Slight tangent: God the GBA SP still stands as one of the slickest consoles ever designed.

True, true, fantastic machine. I do find the GB Micro to be even slicker though ! A marvel of miniaturization and one of the slickest, most good-looking consoles Nintendo ever produced ! It doesn't feel like a toy, it looks "premium".

Despite the small-ass screen, I even find it more comfortable to hold and play with than the SP, due to bigger shoulder buttons and a far better D-Pad.
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There are already some very impressive GBA 3D games (some racing games, that Asterix game, etc), but yeah, it's very cool seeing "impossible" stuff on old hardware.


Well, the FX and framerate are really nice, but Wolfenstein-style box worlds?

There are a number of GBA games that use Doom/Duke Nukem-style engines, with wall heights, baked lighting, ramps, viewports, non-90° surface connections, up-down aim... and that's before you get into the "real polygonal" GBA work that developers did to make even more complex 2.5D and 3D. My mind is just as much blown by checking out again what actually came out for GBA when GBA was of its time.

That said, good for this guy pushing his skills, I'd like to see what more he comes up with.

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