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PlayStation Network Launcher Could Be Coming To PC


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In a new job listing, Sony is looking for a Director, Product Management – PC Game Experiences.

This role will be asked to take the lead on the overall PC gaming experiences for PlayStation including the leadership and responsibility to implement and deliver to our players worldwide.
Lead and evolve the PlayStation game experience roadmap for all game related experiences including SDK development, client application experiences as PlayStation network Platform integration
The most notable part of the job description is the second paragraph, where it is stated that the person will be responsible for “client applications experiences as PlayStation network Platform integration.” This likely suggests that PlayStation is looking to build a launcher for PC.

It should be noted that a job listing last year had suggested something similar, where Sony was looking for a UX Design Manager for driving its “PlayStation’s Off-Console experience, with a focus on mobile devices, PC / laptop, and tablet.” Along with that, PlayStation has been actively looking for people to design game activities such as trophies.



Eh.. on one hand it'd be more PS games on PC, on the other, who knows what we could expect as far as launchers go. Apparently considering the big names that have already tried and failed, I'm not sure Playstation would hit a home run with a launcher out of the gate.


sorry Bryan

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A launcher doesn't necessarily mean they will also have their own separate store for PC.

They probably will add a launcher to get more PSN accounts, collect data and allow people to get trophies.
Might also let people buy PC version on the existing Playstation Store which could include a Steam code since Valve let you sell keys outside of Steam without taking a cut.

Adding another store and making their games exclusive to it would be a mistake in my opinion. They have good games, but the idea that tens of millions of PC gamer would register for them is foolish.

Edit: They might give an Epic key actually.
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This is basically final confirmation of day and date titles coming soon. Once this is ready, they don't have to share revenue with MS or Epic or Valve, and they control the platform base for their own product.
That could make some sense honestly. Much rather have cross platform ps5/pc games than having ps4/ps5 games because the install base is deemed too small to make a next gen only version. By default every game will be next gen only if they do this.
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This is basically final confirmation of day and date titles coming soon. Once this is ready, they don't have to share revenue with MS or Epic or Valve, and they control the platform base for their own product.

They probably want to still be on steam and just force there launcher after it like many other game company's are doing, just to be able to advertise playerbase based on steam+ps.

I doubt much people will care about there games if its not on steam, the games might as well not exist then.
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Lol. In times when even EA basically gave up their bet on Origin and Bethesda came back to Steam it is for sure reasonable to make another launcher.
Sorry, but we all know that PC gaming is basically monopolised by Steam.

But if Sony wants to lower the sales of their games on PC, then be my guest. I guess.


As stated above, this is good and bad. Really don't want another got damn launcher, lol.

  • Steam
  • Battle.Net
  • EA Play/Origin
  • Epic Games
  • Ubisoft Connect
  • GOG
  • Rockstar Games
  • CD Projekt Red
Like, this is getting too stupid, lol.


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I can see why people are tired of more launchers, but sony has a ton of highly desired exclusive content (assuming they port it all), and it just makes sense that they wouldn't want to profit share on an open platform. If anything they could try to attract other developers to thier platform once they get rolling by offering lower cut than epic and steam.
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Why have you split out GoG and CDPR?
My mistake. I know they own both, but every time I boot up Cyberpunk I always since the game launcher and not the traditional GOG Galaxy UI. That's why I said that. Even if you take off either one of those names, that's still an absurd list of launchers, lol.


Battle.net will be discontinued after Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, like they did with Bethesda PC client.

I wish but battle.net is so highly integrated into games - moreso than bethesda launcher ever was - it could be quite a difficult feat to remove it.


The only way I'd welcome this is if it enabled you to get a PS5 version and a PC version for a single purchase. The way some of the XBox games are.
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