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New Japanese-developed Silent Hill game leaked through a handful of images from a 2020 build (Sony said to be involved)


From fuck all to now 3 projects at once?

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I’d like to see the game take place near a state park setting or a town out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t get why they skip over the stuff fans enjoy about this franchise. Going to the town or exploring the town was the best part, especially when they did stuff with places you can actually visit while on vacation. I swear every time I stay at a state park, I’m reminded of how much potential this franchise has. It sucks that the fans have so much correlation or they reference other mediums because this one has been idle for over a decade.


The female characters don’t look impressive. The pic with the “I hate myself” comes across as typical teenage angst that you would see from American tv shows/movies.
Yeah, it remind me of the jared leto joker with 'damaged' tattooed on the forehead. These things should be a little more subtle.
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Everyone is expecting eurojank Silent Hill now, right? Maybe it’s the Fatal Frame team making it. Watch there be no announcements this summer after all this.


What if bloober is remaking SH2... not remastering.
And now main protag is this lady and pyramid head is the sticky notes monster ?
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