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Poor girl has clearly internalized the patriarchy to the point where she can't help but perpetuate it. If only she could be freed from the kitchen and child rearing duties to make something of herself :p
What a person sees depends a great deal on where they stand. Also what kind of person they are.


I bought the Arcade Archives version on the PS4 a few months ago for a couple of bucks, since Namco ain't loving, wont or isn't allowed to include it in any of their other million Pac Man releases. Seriously, not in the Pac Man+ collection released months ago? Damn near criminal, since it's the best Pac Man game still, barring maybe the CE editions. (The NES version of that is killer.)

It's from that era of arcades where I hoped to hell the consoles at home could even come close to the arcade versions but knew damn well they'd never size up.

So to get the proper version for so cheap was a no-brainer for me.
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