Monthly Release Dates: April 2021


This launch window for PS5 is seriously weak. Returnal does not look like anything special, but will sell well due to lack of competing content. Good thing Cyberpunk gets a patch soon so I can finally play that on PC. I put patch 2 as my point of entry because it seemed like that would give me the best experience that I could handle waiting for.


Oddworld, Returnal and Nier. It's a pity Judgment has no new content, just a lazy port. Would easily double dip.


Pretty good month imo. Will get nier replicant on launch and then returnal somewhere down the line.


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I'm having the Outriders/Terminator sandwich.

Returnal looks interesting but has more of a late fall/winter vibe, and April is one of the best weather months of the year where I live so I'll wait on that.

I bought The Show last year when the real season got delayed and it was fun, but I spend my limited baseball time at the park or watching on TV.

Republic Commando is awesome, play it people!


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Ok month nothing life changing, I’m pretty sure you can get old versions of republic commando and Nier now.


Super excited to get back into SaGa Frontier again, especially with the big additions they've added. Returnal I'm excited for as well.

I'll double dip on Judgment, then try out Nier, Oddworld and Outriders sporadically as they get released. Good month for me at least.


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I'll be getting Nier Replicant later on, but I still have plenty of games to play and I'll still be playing too much Monster Hunter Rise to notice.
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