Logistics Question regarding cross gen titles


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So is my understanding correct that

If a game launches for the PS5 and PS4, offering free upgrade to PS5, and costing ten dollars less, then like....

Why does anyone buy the PS5 version? It's ten bucks vs. The amount of time downloading next gen is.

I may be one toke over the line, Sweet Jesus, but this is baking my brain


I guess some ppl just like to have the physical PS5 version on disk ready to install instead of having to download the full PS5 game. BUt for the ones that dont care, yeah, they can save 10$ by just getting the PS4 version if thers a free PS5 upgrade.


-Some people aren't bothered by the $10 and would rather just have the version that corresponds to their console
-Other people might just not be aware, not everyone is on gaming forums and follows gaming news. They have a ps5, they see a game they want and just buy the Ps5 version....because that's the console they have.
-Day 1 patches are obviously a thing but having to download 100% of the game despite having a physical edition takes away a bit of the appeal.

Also to be fair there aren't that many games which are $10 more expensive on next gen but also offer a free upgrade.
Horizon was a bit of an exception because Sony screwed up by promising a free upgrade earlier. But from now on there's going to be no more free upgrades from them and the $10 fee to modify the .ini file will be unavoidable.
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