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Konami should start bringing their rhythm games to the US more


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TL: DR Konami's got some damn good rhythm games and they should be available on Consoles and in the states.

Taiko no Tatsujin on Switch, PS4 and Xbox has proven that there IS a market for Rhythm Games in the US, despite how much it's shrunken since the days of the 360. Osu has 20 million monthly active users and isn't slowing down in popularity. While arcades aren't very popular anymore (for obvious reasons) Consoles and PC have grown exponentially since the days when IIDX was releasing on the PS2.

It also wouldn't take much effort, for beatmania at least. They'd just need to port the arcade game to ps5 (the game runs on PC arcade hardware so it can't be that hard) and translate the voiceovers, menus, and Song titles.
For DDR it might be more difficult since they'd have to give users a ddr pad, and dancerush is kind of a lost cause since the gameplay is made for arcade, but iidx and ddr are their most popular anyways.

Not only would it make the games more accessible for people who don't live near a Dave & Busters or a Round1, but it could increase the series popularity. And seeing how gamers are more accepting of Japanese rhythm games now as opposed to 15 years ago, it frankly makes a lot of sense to just do this

I want this because I feel like Konami/Bemani's rhythm games are some of the best in the industry (which is expected seeing as how they were one of the pioneers) with some of the most unique and fun gameplay, as well as having some of the best music and artists on their side. If they played their cards right, they could find a new audience of gamers besides just japan
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Ah, I remember the days of DDR. I used to play it more on the controller, but then eventually used the dance pad. I always found IIDX to be much harder.
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