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Is Wind Waker HD worth digging my Wii U out of storage to play?

Kev Kev

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I loved sailing around. Sometimes I’d turn the game on just to sail out to the middle of nowhere and park it. I’d smoke a bowl or whatever and plan what I was going to do, or literally just have it on in the background bc it was so peaceful. I love the atmosphere of WW. BotW also nailed the atmosphere part.
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I’m in the mood for a Zelda game coming up soon. I started WWHD back when it first came out and couldn’t get into it, but I didn’t give it enough time. It took me a while to get into Skyward Sword HD as well, but I ended up liking it. Wasn’t nearly my favorite Zelda, but I did like it. WWHD and Majora’s Mask are the only Zelda’s I haven’t really played all that much. I never played Majora’s Mask at all and WWHD I only played about 2 hours. The sailing just bored me and felt unnecessarily tedious. But so did the flying in Skyward Sword and I learned to deal with it.

I’d probably have went back to it sooner if not for the awful AWFUL Wii U pro controller. I fucking hate the right analog stick and button placement on that thing. It’s fucking terrible.

Is it good enough to dig my Wii U out of storage and go back to and deal with a controller I hate for what will probably be 30+ hours? Or should I wait and see if it comes to Switch at some point. Which is what I was really hoping for.
no it's not
because you can just use CEMU


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I finished it a couple days ago. Overall, I think it was a good, but not great Zelda. Having finished it, I have that and Skyward Sword very close. I'd without question have Skyward Sword ahead of it, if not for the awful sword mechanics in it. I didn't have any issues at all with combat in WWHD, but SS it was an issue with me all the way through. But I liked the world more in SS. I had more fun in the dungeons. I thought the art design in WWHD was gorgeous though.

I probably give SS the slight nod, and would've given it a big nod if SS didn't have Wii-based combat, but I did like WWHD more as I went along. Still never got to truly like the open sea aspect of the game, but I came to tolerate it in the end and stopped hating it. Getting the ability to fast travel helped a lot toward the end. It was probably one of the easier Zeldas I ever played. Never died once in the entire game or came close to it. The bosses were insanely easy. I also thought the dungeons were a little long, and one time I had to quit midway through a dungeon, something came up. and it started me at the beginning, and I had to work my way back through. That was annoying, especially since you can spend well over an hour in those dungeons.

I'm glad I played it, enjoyed it, but far from my favorite Zelda. I really only have Majora's Mask to play of all the main Zelda titles. That's really the only one I've never played.


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Do yourself one better; take your Wii U out of storage, take a day to softmod it, then turn it into an all-in-one station. My Wii U currently has all of my GameCube, Wii, and Wii U games ripped to a USB hard drive, so I have my full collection at my fingertips whenever I want. It’s especially cool for playing GameCube games on the Wii U game pad.


Thats when I bought my Wii u. Loved it. No idea why Nintendo doesnt port this as they’ve ported like everything else…. Zelda year was not so Zeldaey compared to Mario Anniversary


Yessir! Dig that WiiU out. loZ:WW is an all time great game. Personally, way back in the day when it was announced, I was disappointed because I wanted a more real, kinda gritty and darker Zelda. Yet once I got my hands on it and started playing it’s an all time great.


still need to go back and finish this on my gamecube. i think my save might even still be there from 2003 or so. i'm so behind on zelda and mario it's embarrassing, i actually never finished OOt and my current mario is sunshine which i've started a few times and never finished.


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I think I would find it hard to go back to this after BotW. WW was their first attempt at open world Zelda, and while it technically is, it's really more like small areas divided up by long load times disguised as sailing. BotW takes it to a whole other level, and it's just 10x the game WW is. But it's still a cute, fun experience marred by some bullshit padding.


Yes easily. It’s better than most games today and still looks better than most. Some tedious parts but it’s still good fun all around IMO. Probably my third favourite zelda.
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