Hi-Fi Rush Leaker Claims Starfield And Redfall's Development Is In "Rough Shape" (Rumour)


I'm worried!!!... about Starfield.

"It sounds like things might not be going as planned at Arkane and Bethesda.
Earlier this week, Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks managed to surprise everyone that tuned into the joint Xbox + Bethesda Developer Direct showcase. Not only did it announce Hi-Fi Rush, a game unlike anything it's ever made before, it also shadow dropped the title, making it available to play as soon as the show ended. It was a shock to pretty much everyone, apart from an insider going by the name of Horns that called the announcement and surprise release before the show even started.

Bouyed by the accurate information they received, Horns has made another claim, although this one is a lot less exciting (thanks Game Revolution). According to Horns, two of Xbox's heavy-hitters for 2023 are in pretty rough shape at the moment, those being Redfall and Starfield. They claim that both titles allegedly need more time in development than they're already getting, yet Microsoft is rushing both titles to try and mitigate the losses its suffered from its Azure cloud division."




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Stanfield is coming in for the Holidays. It's pretty obvious at this point.

Let's just hope they don't pull a 343 and get an extra year but still somehow need way more time. I'm more confident because this game was made being made before the xbox acquisition and Bethesda games always have bugs that the community is open to modding if the tools are there
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Considering they didn't release last year and there was a thing explaining they needed more time I don't think this leaker is really doing anything more than stating the obvious.
They said H1 2023 so I don't think that's stating the obvious. I think what's wierd though is the idea that they lost a lot of money on Azure. How is that true? Didn't they have massive growth.


What a load of crap.

Edit: date was 25th. We still don't have any news from major leakers. Jason is still quite about it.

Edit 2: this dude is scrapping this leak.

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Still doubt Horns know anything.
Saying Hi-Fi Rush will release in somewhat way like 24hours after the Bili-kun leak is not that hard.
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