Hands On Impressions of Switch Oled

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Nah fam, Nintendo lost me with this 'upgrade'. Was super eager for a Pro announcement but SteamDeck stole their thunder and I already preordered that instead.


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Switch was never a sexy console but Nintendo took its graphics seriously for the first time.


I don't play my switch outside of the dock enough to justify buying the OLED. The only thing I would want is faster Ethernet. Has anyone tried Ethernet on the OLED dock? What speeds are you seeing?


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I wasn't going to get one due to the lack of gpu/cpu upgrade, but the previews have made me cave, picking one up tommorow. It's likely going to cost me $200 net once I sell my switch......what do I get? In order of importance:

1. Bigger screen
2. Oled screen
3. White (I had neon and didn't like it)
4. Nicer looking white dock
5. Ethernet in dock
6. Better speakers
7. More storage included
8. Better kickstand
9. Potentially joycons thst are less likely to drift

Is this worth $200? Probably not, maybe $100, but I'm caving anyhow as I am weak. 🤪
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Really love the unit so far. It's closer to what the original Switch should have been. More power would have been nice, but it's still a substantial upgrade. Been rotating between a bunch of games to experience them on the new display.

Ended up modding my launch Switch, which is something I've always wanted to do for fun.


K so the black levels, contrast, saturation and viewing angle are legit x10 better than the original Switch, but...

My original Switch has more accurate colour balance. My OLED has a discernable yellow tint which I dislike. it's subtle but it's there and hard to ignore. Apparently a lot of people are having the same issue. I know the chances of them patching in a colour temp slider are remote but let's hope.


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The Switch OLED model is the absolute best Switch model yet, and the one to go for if you're a first time buyer, or an existing owner who plays in portable mode to any appreciable degree.


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I preordered one as early as I could this summer. I cancelled my preorder 2 weeks ago. Main reason, price. I still kinda wanted one, but since I already own an OG Switch and a Lite, I couldn't justify the purchase for the price. It's such a small upgrade and it's way too pricy.

edit: Reading the replies. Damn now I want one all over again. lol At some point I'll probably cave.
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This thing is fucking amazing.

Cannot get over how good games look on this thing.

It looks as good as big screen OLEDs, arguably better.

It's funny, loading screens in games became that much more gorgeous 🤣

Seriously though everything pops so much and with perfect black levels that it feels like you're looking at a hologram or a fucking PRINT of an image on the screen.

This is exquisite. I can't imagine how this would blow my mind if I hadn't ever seen an OLED before.
Switch OLED (coming tomorrow) will be the first Nintendo console I've owned since the 90s. Pretty darn excited. One question, is a screen protector recommended? I'll be playing mostly in portable.

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given that I spend 98% of my time on the switch in docked mode, a conpletely pointless upgrade for myself. It's cool they made the effort though, the screen does look nice.


Does everyone that uses a Switch handheld use grips by the way? Can't imagine holding that thing for long like it is.
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