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Halo Infinite: 343's Statement Runs Against Deep Cuts in Halo Development Team

Lynx Lynx

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Can't spell disaster and Halo in the same sentence without 343i.

Hopefully, they are only relegated to a support studio. 343i has had thier chance with Halo; it's time to lets other artists take on the mantle of responsibility.

Not even one of 'em is a 9 out of 10 or some hotty.

Just a bunch of 5's and a shitload of 2's and 3's. They all belong in the kitchen with a mop in the hand, not the bedroom.

^^ BTW this kind of comment would have my ass in a sling on Resetera

Anyways happy this studio is getting torched. Halo deserves the best talent Xbox can afford it.
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So believe anonymous "sources," not all of which are confirmed to be in the studio, some which are confirmed to no longer be at the studio, over believing the new studio head that says this is not the case, and while we're at it, ignore the follow-up statement from 343i stating that the publishing stuff is all bs.

That's one way to go about things.


Let's be real for a moment, 343 industries have no idea how to develop Halo game.

I rather see some indie teams who knows what halo is and develope it.
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