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Guardians of the Galaxy is Flarking awesome!


Note: Still in chapter 10 so please no open spoilers. Thanks!

I bought the game currently on sale and what a great surprise I got! I’ve heard good things about the game, but didn’t imagine it would be this good overall. The sum of its parts really shine and don’t affect its shortcomings.

The outstanding part about this game is the dialogue. It’s never annoying (except for the excessive use of Flark Flark Flark!). Conversations between characters are fun and immersive.

The gameplay is also fun. It has variety in set pieces, and combat is very fun. It’s not perfect in any way, but doesn’t get boring. The weakest part, I believe is Star Lord: you feel like everyone can do more damage than him, so you just use it as a standby while others’ powers recharge. I feel like the system is great and have much improvement for a sequel. They could take a little inspiration from FF7 Remake to improve it, I believe.

I still haven’t finished it (so please no spoilers!), but I like the story and characters. Again, this games feel like a setup for a much more improved sequel that would surprise everyone like Uncharted 2 and God of War did.

I really feel sad thinking it’s very unlikely we will get a sequel though. With the studio being sold, who knows if they will be able to do it, but it deserves a sequel.

Flark this stupid marketing people that ruined this game’s reputation. The game is awesome and should be among the best released for PS4 and PS5 (and Xbox).

When the game started, I couldn’t stop comparing them with the movie, but not much time later, I fell in love with everyone in its own right, and feel they are the best representation of the characters ever.

Also, this game should have released before the Avengers, because it would have ridden the success of Spider-Man, but instead it got the bad rep of the Avengers and maybe the reason many people skipped it.

The licensed music is great and I like many of the songs and artist.

It’s a very feel-good game with great energy and I’ll be definitely playing it more than once.

What did you think of it?
I really recommend it
Started off okay, but got tedious before too long. Combat was too bullet spongey. I was about 4 chapters or so from beating it ,but couldn't be bothered to go back to it.
Exactly the same for me, I got about 3/4 of the way through and uninstalled it for all the reasons you listed above.


You have to enjoy sassy bickering and meaningless banter because the gameplay doesn't carry the game. If you've ever wanted to spend a few hours trapped with several egomaniacs that just won't shut up, give it a shot.

But I tend to prioritize gameplay over melodrama and regret my purchase. Sorry to sound like a downer, I'm glad the game clicks for you and many others. There's a reason it's generally beloved.


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It was a fun experience yeah.

Not sure about being awesome other than the graphic side, gameplay was pretty poor.
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It's pretty good, but overrated IMO. Pretty janky and unpolished at times, and the gameplay just feels okay. Enemies are absolute bullet sponges, combat doesn't feel all that satisfying. There's also too damn much chatter going on constantly. I guess that's their thing, but it never fucking stops!

Still, it's a game worth playing. The story is pretty good, and the voice actors and music are great. Also some very pretty views to be had. But in terms of recent Marvel games it sits somewhere far, far below Spider-Man (but way above Avengers).
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I'm actually playing it right now, only through Chapter 5 but it's really great so far.

It's really a shame it didn't get that much success, I'm sure it's the kind of game that would have done very well with a better marketing, like I'm 100% convinced even people who didn't care about it would have loved it if it was a Sony exclusive, and would have claimed it's one of these amazing single player experiences lol.
Story wise it's so far much more entertaining than Spider-Man for example, which disappointed me.

I also can't believe people really kept comparing this to Avengers, it's nothing like it at all.

I personally really enjoy the chattering between the characters while playing, it feels very natural and make the experience feel more alive, it's also actually funny.

Going back to it now :messenger_grinning: I'll see if I feel it gets more boring later on like some people mentioned here.
The combat was trash weakest part of the game, but that's ok if you just treat it as an adventure game.
The dialogue is a mixed bag, it's very much new guardians which was inspired by the mcu run anyway, specifically quill; the rest feels more like old guardians so that's fine.

At least mantis is a proper badass in this adaptation, unlike whatever the fuck she's supposed to be in the mcu. She was always my favourite guardian in the comics, but I might actually like this version of her best.

Also liked how the team growing closer during the game is reflected in the gameplay; at first you always have to direct them, but in the later chapter they do all the platforming/exploring stuff themselves.

As with the mcu, I hated their portrayal of the nova corps, it was especially weird because there are images of richard rider in the game, so why the hell are they those shitty "techy" cops like in the mcu?


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It is very good. My only gripe is that combat is a bit shallow, not the most polished.


Great game. Combat gets a lot of shit, but it really is no worse than most narrative heavy action games of this type. But what makes this better than most is its brilliant storytelling, writing, humour and characterisation. No disrespect to actors portraying Gamora and Drax in the movies, but they are better in the game.
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I liked it a lot and I don't care about Marvel stuff that much. Great visuals, good humor, interesting story and "ok" gameplay.



I tried, I gave into the hype and believed. But the game is serviceable at best and better than Marvel Avengers, which wasn't hard. I played it for free on game pass and was still disappointed.


Yup really nice game. The weak part is indeed the combat. But this game has the best banter between characters. They are always chatting but it feels contextual and most of the times is funny stuff.

By the end i was a bit bored because the game throw hordes of enemies at you, but overall was a pretty nice game. I also loved the 80's music selection.
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The game's story and atmosphere is awesome, the gameplay is not that great and honestly I had no trouble putting it on easy to avoid the ennemies being too bullet spongey.
I think this game should've been just narrative or the combat should've been deeper but I would've had no problem with being like a telltale game.
It is still a good game though and the story and characters far compensate the lack in gameplay department.


It's amazing, enjoy it OP. The only complaint for me is that you can't clear things you missed (for platinum) via chapter selection. You can replay chapters but it doesn't show what you have missed and If you miss one thing you need to restart the complete chapter.


Yep it's brilliant. I 100%ed it on Gamepass (achievements etc)

Played through it twice actually. Very funny, great graphics, great story, great character interactions, voice acting, gameplay, varied environments...

I hope there's a sequel but it didn't sell as well as hoped right? So it's less likely than likely sadly...at least that's what I've been lead to believe. Big shame if so.
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9/10, the amazing environments and great writing/acting/directing does wonders here. Gameplay is fine - nothing amazing, but nothing that would annoy or bore me. It is definitely carried by its characters though.


I was enjoying the graphics, music, characters and story. But combat was really lame and boring. And the flying sections were some of the worst things I have ever played.
I stopped playing after 4 hours or so. A real shame, as the game had potential.


Combat was quite bad and couldn't carry a 15+ hour long game, I had to force myself to finish it. The banter between the characters was at least great.
It's a great game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually made a very similar thread when I was going through it, and for some reason I also stopped at Chapter 10 to make the thread.

A few people in the comments pointed out that it slows down a bit at Chapter 10, and they were correct. But the game is still awesome, and was a nice surprise for me. But apparently the pacing in Chpt 1-10 is nearly flawless because I think almost everyone just flies through it up until that point.


Best game of this generation so far and also the most underrated.

Characters, story, locations, visuals, dialogue, voice acting, attention to detail and what not are far beyond what any of us expected.

The combat isn’t great but it’s also not horrific so it gets a pass.

Amazing game.


Marvel quips, the game ™️

Played 4-5h of it and had enough. Too much banter and gameplay was boring.

Graphics look great tho, and the story was engaging enough


It was decent. Looked great but combat got pretty boring. Some enemies were the laziest designs. Jello cubes of different colours etc. Music and character interactions were great though
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The dialogue is fantastic and you never get bored of just running through the game with your allies and listening to the conversations.

The combat on the other hand is pretty crap, but it doesn't get tedious, so easy to overlook.

Overall, definitely worth playing.


It's fine.
It has sorta, kinda functioning combat
Writing that aimed entirely at 11 year old children but not too insulting for the adults.
All wrapped into beautiful art design.
It's fine, it's consumable enough, but definitely not more than that.


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Wasn't keen on the combat (starlaord is more of a support guy for other characters) but in the end I loved it. Solid 8 game.


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You have to enjoy sassy bickering and meaningless banter because the gameplay doesn't carry the game. If you've ever wanted to spend a few hours trapped with several egomaniacs that just won't shut up, give it a shot.

I was really ready to enjoy this game, then I realized it was mostly about being trapped with several egomaniacs that just won't shut up and I didn't even play it one hour.

I've just accepted that I seem totally disconnected from popular opinions in single player games these days 🤷‍♂️


I recommend to go into the difficulty accessibility and increase outgoing damage to max, that made it 10x more fun for me, treated combat like an adventure/spectacle rather than a challenge. Also maybe make the powers recharge faster, its just more fun that way.

I do think most of the better character development/writing is done with the hidden items so definitely seek them out, it's a 30/40/30 split of great, good and okay writing from the side conversations from finding these items but still better than most AAA game writing imo. Annoyingly they didn't always face capture/well animate those side conversations like the main stuff and that took me out of it a lot, unless it was just a bug they fixed later, their faces were incredibly static many times during them.

I love the detail in the environments like the ship, an example of game that really benefits from being played natively instead of with upscaling as so much detail is lost otherwise.
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Enjoyed Guardians but also a few missions short of completion due to fading interest.

Was trying to understand why I enjoyed Mass Effect 2's squad command system so much yet didn't care for Guardian's even though they're similar.

Iced Arcade

It was nice looking.

Fight generic baddies advance fight generic baddies advance fight generic baddies. Rinse and repeat.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Yes it is. Probably some of the best narrative, digital acting in any game in a while. The dialogue feels very natural and not "video gamey" if that makes sense.

Game play itself was the weakest part but the game is well worth playing for the story alone.


Yeah played through it recently and really liked it too.

I've said it in other threads but I enjoyed this more than any recent MCU movie. The story was fun, the main threat was interesting, the character interactions and team dynamic were great and the writing and humor were on point while still allowing for some serious moments. Drax in particular gets some great scenes which help elevate the character beyond the comic relief status he got from the Movies.

The 20 hours runtime allows them to tell a better and more developed story than they could in a 2 hours movie, and they can also make it standalone instead of having to tease 20 upcoming movies. But at the same time the videogame format makes it more fun by adding interactivity and allows them to have crazier setpiece moments and more visual consistency that you could get from a TV show.

I agree the combat was pretty bland though. Also the sacrifices for 60fps on console were massive. It goes down all the way from 4K to 1080p, and then they further reduce the texture quality, draw distance, ambient occlusion, etc.


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the story and locations are fun
the battles are just as fucking stupid as final fantasy 15

fuck that shit.


Yeah, it's pretty good, but also too long. It overstayed its welcome by the end. If it was 4 hours shorter I probably would have liked it a lot more.


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On pc you can install a trainer that let's you one shot every enemy in 1 go makes the game fun

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It was just an okay game for me and the end of the day. Lost interest after I teamed up with the gold guy and decided I had enough.


On pc you can install a trainer that let's you one shot every enemy in 1 go makes the game fun

I was close to doing this but I found the accessibility difficulty menu was enough to fix the issues I had with it. Having said that I did use WeMod to give myself infinite scrap or whatever it was called so I could get all those upgrades straight away, the game was much better when you had that stuff from the get go.

Maybe one shot is too much because I enjoyed watching the skills go off in slow motion, jumping over thing and sliding while they exploded. Some great moments were created by doing this and really made the game after the first hour where I felt everything was far too spongey.

I was playing with someone else the whole time so maybe that made the more boring slow parts more bearable.

I like the variety in events though, felt like a good marvel movie where you weren't sure what would happen next. Not exactly a high bar in the world of good adventure films/cinema though haha.


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It seems very well made. Didn’t click with me though, too much banter and cringy music-player combat. I couldn’t get past the intro.
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