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Guardians of the Galaxy is Flarking awesome!


Started off okay, but got tedious before too long. Combat was too bullet spongey. I was about 4 chapters or so from beating it ,but couldn't be bothered to go back to it.
Same with me, but the. I found a trainer. The rest my friend...is history


It's way better than I think anyone could've expected. The writing, voice acting, visuals, and story are great. But the gameplay (repetitive puzzles, combat, super simple and rigid platforming) gets stale pretty quick.

I also really hate feeling like I have to run around with my visor on to identify hidden secrets and things to interact with. Breaks the immersion and the feeling that you're playing a movie.


Sorry for the bump but I just finished the game today, and it was fantastic.

It was actually a lot longer than I expected, especially for a linear game like this, I'm not sure I ever played a linear game with scripts and dialogues like this that was this long, but it was awesome all way long so it's definitely not a complaint from me, I'd take more!

The dialogues are great, there so many actually funny moment, I don't remember ever laughing this much in a video game I think. And there are sooo many of them, it feels so alive and natural, constant new dialogues in the background that are really nice to listen to.
And the great thing is, while there is a lot of humor, there are also serious moments, and when the game is serious or sad, it really is, it's not like in MCU movies where serious scenes are immediatly interrupted by a mandatory joke. The balance was much better here.

Unlike most people here, I didn't get bored with the combats, they could have some more depth like a better combo system, but the gameplay was really fun and I enjoyed them until the end too.

The story and the characters were also great and I really got attached to these versions of the characters, to the point that I like them more than the movie versions now, and I would like to see them again.

The ending was also really epic, I don't know, I just loved the experience. I'm really surprised that it wasn't a bigger success, it really deserves more praise, I liked it a lot more than Spider-Man if we were to compare both campaigns.

Really great game, too bad we will most likely never see a sequel.


Playing through Miles Morales after recently beating Guardians has just highlighted how good the story and writing in Guardians are.
I liked the story in the OG PS4 Spiderman and Miles Morales is made in the same style, but compared to Guardians the dialog feels a lot more artificial and unnatural. When you walk around your ship in Guardians and characters are having arguments in the back they are delivered in a way were it actually feels like a spontaneous argument that could break out between these characters. In Miles everything comes across as more scripted and structured, I can't exactly put my finger on it but you can often tell the lines were recorded separately while in Guardians they are delivered in such a way that it feels more natural.

Miles has the much better gameplay and combat though.
I liked it a lot too! I would have liked it to be a little longer honestly, if they had more skills to unlock. I enjoyed it way more than spiderman because of the good banter, and the fact that there arent stealth sections and annoying forced tutorials or inconsistency in skippable cutscenes....
Bullet sponge snooze fest combat that is boring, Far too much yapping between characters who won't stfu for a minute, A very over rated below average on everything game.
Yep literally had multiple convos get cut off half way through because of cutscenes or transitions. Some banter is good. Maximum banter at all times is not.

Graphics were good tho.


The writing in this game is amazing. The gameplay feels repetitive but the story kept me playing through to the end.
the story and dialogue was fun. But the gameplay wasn't. forcing u to just be Starlord the whole time was a bad idea. It would be good if his gameplay was amazing maybe??? but its not


Note: Still in chapter 10 so please no open spoilers. Thanks!

I bought the game currently on sale and what a great surprise I got! I’ve heard good things about the game, but didn’t imagine it would be this good overall. The sum of its parts really shine and don’t affect its shortcomings.

The outstanding part about this game is the dialogue. It’s never annoying (except for the excessive use of Flark Flark Flark!). Conversations between characters are fun and immersive.

The gameplay is also fun. It has variety in set pieces, and combat is very fun. It’s not perfect in any way, but doesn’t get boring. The weakest part, I believe is Star Lord: you feel like everyone can do more damage than him, so you just use it as a standby while others’ powers recharge. I feel like the system is great and have much improvement for a sequel. They could take a little inspiration from FF7 Remake to improve it, I believe.

I still haven’t finished it (so please no spoilers!), but I like the story and characters. Again, this games feel like a setup for a much more improved sequel that would surprise everyone like Uncharted 2 and God of War did.

I really feel sad thinking it’s very unlikely we will get a sequel though. With the studio being sold, who knows if they will be able to do it, but it deserves a sequel.

Flark this stupid marketing people that ruined this game’s reputation. The game is awesome and should be among the best released for PS4 and PS5 (and Xbox).

When the game started, I couldn’t stop comparing them with the movie, but not much time later, I fell in love with everyone in its own right, and feel they are the best representation of the characters ever.

Also, this game should have released before the Avengers, because it would have ridden the success of Spider-Man, but instead it got the bad rep of the Avengers and maybe the reason many people skipped it.

The licensed music is great and I like many of the songs and artist.

It’s a very feel-good game with great energy and I’ll be definitely playing it more than once.

What did you think of it?
I really recommend it
It is excellent. Probably my favorite gaming experience of the last several years.
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