Ghost of Tsushima - Review Thread


Just finished Ghost of Tsushima... Awesome!!

I haven't had the chance to talk about it so here are my thoughts.

I liked it! And since I had a ton of time off the last two weeks I was clearing EVERY side mission and collecting as much of the smaller things like Haikus, before continuing the main story lines. I think that method sort of bogged me down on the pure experience of the main storyline a lot, but I was pretty much maxxed out for the final fights which I assume we're rebalanced to crush me to maintain a balance in the difficulty which made it seem like my enemies were all clearing shit too haha. I saw a video showing the different endings and the player had half the health and resolves that I head 😳. mostly everything I have seen just praises so I had a lot of negatives that I think are worth discussing.

Like I still enjoyed playing through TLOUII (even though I fucking HATED all the plot holes), Uncharted 4 and I definitely loved playing through God of War more as well. I feel like GoW had much tighter gameplay mechanics and pacing and a much better story and presentation (that single shot thing is still the most immersive decision ever for a story based tale).

The reason I say that about the story is because some of the story beats are meh, and the voice acting (at least the english) was weak. Jin was just so fucking bland. And I had hoped he and the thief developed into a more intimate relationship. It screamed for it the whole time.

For a game this long in development, and even though overall it's absolutely gorgeous, there were sooo many jarring little details that began to stand out. Again, this is likely due to the amount of time I spent playing it the way I did ( I feel like I fucked up the immersive pacing by doing this)...

So things stood out like repeating textures like this is the original Doom?! Yeah, they were blatant and everywhere in some select sections of the northern map. Also, the cookie cutter buildings and interiors? Again, felt really lazy and sort of ruin the immersion. Theres even one house that's a cookie cutter but they put it on a river with a water wheel over a river, I went inside the building to loot but was also expecting to see how it operated from the inside... Annnnd they didn't bother to change the cookie cutter interior to show that, so it was just a useless water wheel for show. Again, that's just lame, and I doubt Rockstar* or Naughty Dog would do this.

The way the screen blacked out for countless important animations? Like come the fuck on. Huge moments in the game that were CRITICAL story elements and they just black out the action?! Dude that's ridiculous for a AAA game let alone the last one for PS4. GoW never did any such thing or would at least keep the camera moving so as not to break the immersion.

the animations for any of the interactions with characters for side missions were mostly nonexistent. They would just stand there like cardboard cutouts. When you play through like I did it gets increasingly noticable.

i would have like the AI to be MUCH better but instead they just copy and pasted all of the done-to-death MGS3 stealth mechanics (how many years ago?!) Like hide in tall grass, and the ridiculous run away a hundred meters and they forget what happened. Like dude, two other AAA PS4 exclusives (TLOUII & H:ZD) did the grass thing to death like maybe come up with some new??? Either way I do think this has the best implementation of it because they looked the most natural to the environments and we're super pretty.

Sometimes you can walk through bamboo trees, and there's a tremendous lack of environmentally based animation (walking up stairs, walking through crowds etc shit just sticking a hand out in the tall grass ala Gladiator would have looked super cool)... The way TLOUII and the Uncharted games (I think GoW did it too) would have the main character actually animate like it was actually behind the cover with the simple placing a hand on it goes a long way and I'm pretty sure Infamous: SS did that... Could be wrong though.

Lastly, I would have liked for the different outfits to have more benefits. This goes along with the shitty AI. Wearing certain suits should have triggered more accurate reactions. I would have liked to have worn a ronin outfit and the ronin say hello unknowingly, and same for the Mongolian armor. Instead the ronin outfit didn't do shit and the mongolian armor just delayed the already-shitry ai. 🤷‍♂️ Oh well... I think it's a bit overrated honestly; however, I still loved it and give it 8/10.

Shit I think the fighting mechanics were overrated too. But I still really enjoyed them and loved how beautifully animated they were. It was the most immersive and important thing in the game to get right.
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