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GamingBolt: Scorn Will Take 6-8 Hours to Complete, No Photo Mode Included



Ebb Software has released a new volume of The Pulse, which covers development for its first-person horror title Scorn. In addition to detailing the OST and art book, it also confirms how long a full playthrough will take. Depending on how long the puzzles take, the developer estimates six to hours to finish the game.

That being said, there will be a “variety of environments across various levels.” Those interested in some macabre photography may need to be satisfied with screen captures – Scorn has no photo mode. However, the developer notes, “Our focus is on maximizing the immersion players will experience, so our UI design is relatively minimal.” That means you can capture some relatively clean gameplay screenshots.

Ebb Software also clarified that Scorn isn’t a triple-A project. “It’s an independent production and a passion project! Although we started with just 4 people and a very small budget, we’ve since grown into what you could consider a AA project.”

As for the original soundtrack and art book that will be available separately and in the Deluxe Edition, the former offers two hours of tracks with Aethek and Lustmord as the composers. The digital art book is 192 pages with concepts for designs, weapons, the grotesque creatures roaming the world, and much more along with lore. Check out an image from it below along with the song “Encapsuled” by Aethek.

Scorn is out on October 21st for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

Shame about the lack of photo mode as I do like the aesthetic they went with for the game. Hopefully it gets patched in post-launch.


Considering that the design of the game is it's most interesting feature, it's very strange they choose not to have a photo mode.
A good photo mode that allows gamers to share screenshots is free publicity.


Perfect for Game Pass. It would be a hard full price sell at that length, but it looks like a game that will definitely find an audience through Game Pass.


My little VRR pleasure pearl goes vrrrooommm.
It normally takes me far longer than the time developers state, plus it's not the sort of game you'll be rushing through like a COD campaign.
Looking forward to this change of pace.


I hope those looking forward to this game, enjoy it!
Going to be high on life & plague tale for me in October, Scorn's setting is just a massive turn off for me.
But regardless October looks strong for game pass.
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I might just be able to make it through in 6 hours. I'm interested in reviews as I think most people won't be able to hack the game and will be put off by it.

Myself included to an extent.
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Considering that the design of the game is it's most interesting feature, it's very strange they choose not to have a photo mode.
A good photo mode that allows gamers to share screenshots is free publicity.

Dick pics aren't allowed on Xbox


Im hoping for the best as i love the art direction but i have a feeling this game is going to be very very bad like agony lvl of bad. Hope im wrong though.
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Awesome! I love short games.

Scorn, Resident Evil Village expansion, Callisto Protocol, Spiderman and Hogwarts Legacy... these final months of the year are going to be great.
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6-10 hours is perfect for most horror games, they do tend to border on overstaying their welcome, unless it’s a mix of horror like Dead Space (then again 2 was really long)

In fact it’s the one criticism I had over Alien Isolation was that it felt 50% longer than it needed to be


6 years and MS backing for 6 hours of gameplay? Yikes. At least its on gamepass.
Yikes, as a word, has become synonymous with disingenuous drive by console warriors for me. Every time you see this shit, it's one of these drive by console warriors taking any opportunity they can to make a cowardly little jab at whatever side they don't like in a way that can't necessarily be explicitly called console warring as it's too general. You just know when someone uses that phrase they're only interested in disparaging something and they have no interest in discourse or discussion.

Just a little thing I've noted several times now. Lots of posters on this forum legitimately never make a post of note or worth, just these types of little drive by jab posts. Kind of pathetic.


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While I love my 100+ hour games, I think it’s great that there are games that are short as well. Those long games can really burn you out, and when that happens you can shift your focus to something shorter.

Mr Moose

Almost every game should have a photo mode, except ones you can't pause. Hopefully they'll patch it in at a later date.
Length seems fine.


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10 years for 6 hours and trailers look the same for years... oh man.
Anyway - I will for sure play this


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Good, looking forward to it. An atmospheric puzzle game doesn't need to be a 30 hour experience.
Sometimes they his game gives me vibes that remind me of the inside of the spaceship in the original Prey (not the recent remake). I think that’s a good thing. Just straight up weirdness and crazy stuff. I dig it.


Budget price/Game Pass makes this acceptable IMO. If it was full price, I would skip it until a deep discount.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Seems like a decent length for what the game appears to be. The worst thing a game with only one clicking point (the art in this case) is to overstay its welcome.
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