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Games you can replay over and over again


I prefer to replay games which I enjoy as opposed to wasting my time with newer, boring titles. There are certain games which I have played so many times and I don't think I'll ever tire.

My list:
Metal Gear Solid 1
Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5
Doom Eternal
Mass Effect 2

Completed the MGS series 10 times. The original desperately needs a modern remake tbh.


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i generally don't replay games. most of the time once i've played a game then that's it. the exceptions would be Persona 5, The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, BOTW. I've played The Witcher 3 four times now and will play it again whenever the new updated version comes out but after that I doubt it'll be playing it again for a while. Maybe when Witcher 4 is about to come out...

Persona 5, Bloodborne, BOTW i can play constantly without getting tired of them.


skyrim (6 times. approx 1000 hrs)
portal 2 (3 times single + 2 times coop)
gta san andreas (3 times single + at least a healthy 2000 hrs on multiplayer)

i can still play them without getting bored in 2022
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Wolfenstein series except Young Blood
Castle Totenkopf SLD
Command & Conquer series
Battle for Dune
Starcraft 1
Myth II
Diablo 2 + 3
Duke Nukem 3D
Doom 1 + 2
Dead Rising 1-3
Dungeon Keeper 1 + 2
Portal 2
Bloons td 6
Hitman Trilogy
Countless GB/NES/SNES games
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Doom 3 for me. I play it at least once a year and i rarely do this for any game at all. I guess it's the incredible atmosphere that keeps me coming back. Same for the whole look and design of Mars City.

And Valfaris. Super tight gameplay and some insane visuals.
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While i have a ps5 and pc to play today's greatest games, i usually revert back to simple pick-up and play type of games from the previous generations, mostly arcade games. thankgod i have collected multiple consoles from the past, from ps5 back to the NES, got em all.

Outrun 2/c2c (ps2/3/xbox)
Motorstorm series(ps3)
soul calibur series (but mosly on dreamcast)
contra (genesis/snes)
tons of shmups (dodonpachi/espgaluda/gradius etc)
tekken/dead or alive games
star soldier (pc engine)

could go on for ages :)

anything pickup and play instead of going thru hours of tutorial intro missions, being interrupted with season passes and mtx shops, but one thing i dont play from the past are rpg's and time consuming games from those times
just flip the switch and start playing. its most times a breath of fresh air compared to todays titles. But i still love new games too.


Interestingly lots of games have already been mentioned that I love to replay as well.

Metal Gear Solid franchise. Since most of them are properly intereconnected the entire story throughout Metal Gear is just amazing. Okay it has been a few years since I replayed it entirely, but that is mostly due to me not owning a PS3 and the last time I replayed them was with a mate on their console. MGS Legacy Collection.
Resident Evil 1,2,3,Code Veronica, Remake, 2 Remake, 3 Remake. I am sucker for the old tank and fixed camera angle games and I also love Chris, Leon and especially Jill Valentine. I replayed RE3 countless times changing the gun powders and trying different ways to finish the game. Whether it is knife only, handgun only or full blast. Absolutely love the RE franchise for replay value. Soon RE4 Remake and I know I am going to replay this a lot
FROM Software games. I don't think this needs any explanation. Most of us probably have replayed FROM games. I don't keep count, but I probably played Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 3 the most, but I will replay Elden Ring in the future again. Great games, great replay value with different builds and ways to tackle combat.
Final Fantasy games. For me it is the journey of Final Fantasy games. It seems like the best and biggest adventure to start a game in Balamb Garden and eventually find yourself crossing the continent, the entire world and even more. I don't frequently replay those games since they are huge. I think 2 years ago I replayed FF9 and still love it. Excited to see what they are doing with FF16.
The Last Of Us 1+2. I just realized that TLOU is the first non japanese game in my list. The story, voice acting and emotional journey of those games are so powerful that even after replaying them multiple times they still have an impact on you. Hoping that the Remake is worthy and I want to see how TLOU1 works with better controls/gameplay.

I really believe that Sony and Xbox need to invest in digital accessibility and preservation of games. Xbox has done a fantastic job so far with it and their BC made PlayStation realize they need to do something similar. I hope that eventually we have most of the games available in digital form to download/purchase. I am not asking for free games, but if I could play the entire MGS Series or old PS1 Resident Evil games on PS5 by downloading them digitally from the store that would be awesome.
It looks like they are going that way and I hope they soon add them.


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Rarely anything these days, but I could still pick up Crash 1-3 and Spyro 1-3 and blast through them at any time.

Mario 64 to a lesser extent.
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Outrun 2 best racing game of all time
Burnout revenge
Alan wake
Mario 64
Timesplitters 2
Any zelda title, play and finish at least 1 a year, probs finished wind waker the most


I could potentially replay Resident Evil 4 every single week for probably a decade without getting bored.


Any game made by Capcom really

DMC, Megaman, RE and Dragon's Dogma are probably the games I've replayed the most.
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