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Games you can replay over and over again

The original Halo trilogy, especially Halo 3. For some reason, playing through Halo 3 campaign in co-op with skulls never got boring. Must have played it through at least two dozen times.
DMC 3,4,5
GOW(GOD) 2,3 2018
Sifu seems like it after I finally finish
And more to come when I remember

Edit: Already see some on others list
Ninja Gaiden black
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One per generation. You can do it.

Its impossible, unfair...lol

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What is Halo 2 for 1,000. Campaign or multiplayer, shit is still amazing to this day. The weapons, the missions, the maps, the vehicles, the characters, the cutscenes, the OST...etc etc.


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I replay stuff all the time, which is why my backlog is so large:

Resident Evil 4 is the greatest video game of all time so that gets its own line in my post.

Resident Evil 1-3 and their respective remakes.

Any fighting game released in the 90s by either Capcom or Namco; especially Super Street Fighter II X, and the first Soulcalibur.

Some of the greatest 8 and 16 bit Konami games -- Contra 1 and 3, Turtles in Time, Sunset Riders, Gradius 3, etc.

Super Mario Bros 1 though World.

Recently, Bayonetta, which has entered my top 10 favorite video games of all time, and have replayed it so much that I'm on (*checks Steam log*) 250 hours and counting.

From SNK, The King of Fighters 98, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Back when I had a PS3 and then a PS4, I replayed Uncharted 1-3 all the time. Despite the hate they get some some corners of the internet, those games are incredibly fun.

And many, many, many more that I won't list because my post is long enough as it is 😂


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I don't generally replay open worlds, but I will continue playing in them. How would we categorize that?
A very good question. One that I don't have an immediate answer to.

To me, the original/traditional meaning of "replay" (which is the one I used when answering the OP's question) is an attempt to go through the main campaign from beginning to end as you would have when you first played it.

That definition runs into problems though when one plays single episodes/levels/etc of games that allow that, and (like you said) for the non-campaign parts of open world games....
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Re6 is a blast, i love that game! I seriously can't get the hate. Too many action ? Well, we have megazords in Village. All re games have action, and re6 gameplay and replay are awesome!

There's action within the context of proper survival horror and resource management and action in the context of lazy and uninspired game design.

RE Village and RE 6 are totally different types of action.

That's like saying Silent Hill 2 is an action game and no different from Devil May Cry.

I hope you were actually making a joke post...?
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I prefer to replay games which I enjoy as opposed to wasting my time with newer, boring titles. There are certain games which I have played so many times and I don't think I'll ever tire.

My list:
Metal Gear Solid 1
Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5
Doom Eternal
Mass Effect 2

Completed the MGS series 10 times. The original desperately needs a modern remake tbh.


nah but im real happy for you tho


I love lists threads though. The most uninteresting of all threads. I'll continue:
Risk of Rain 2
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Lies about why mods reply ban and warn me.
There are a lot, quickly summering: MGS, GOW, FF, RE, Fatal Frame, Street of rage, DMC, Bayonetta, and more others.

The games i finished the most in my life are: MGS1 (around 100 times finish), RE3 Nemesis "original not remake", and Street Of rage 2. Around 100 or close to.

PS: There way days where i finish MGS1 twice a day lol
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There's action within the context of proper survival horror and resource management and action in the context of lazy and uninspired game design.

RE Village and RE 6 are totally different types of action.

That's like saying Silent Hill 2 is an action game and no different from Devil May Cry.

I hope you were actually making a joke post...?
No, i think RE6 better in every aspect than Village.
Its my opinion bro.

Compare RE7 with RE6, then yeah, its a joke, because RE7 is the most different game of the series.


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The Mass Effect games, the AC Ezio games, and POP Sands of Time.

Most fighting games and arcade racers as well since those aren't games you ever really "beat."
I replay games all the time but these are probably the single player games I've replayed the most:

Resident Evil 4 (Greatest game of all time)
Streets of Rage 1,2 & Bare Knuckle 3 (Greatest beat em ups of all time)
Castlevania: Bloodlines
AKI N64 wrestling games (Love them all)


FF 7-10
MGS 1,2,4 ( i might replay 5 someday but its dull)

Most definitely will replay GTA SA in my life
I’ll replay the Naruto Shippiden UNS games too definitely.

And you know what game i could play over and over? LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.


Selfishly plays on Xbox Purr-ies X
Halo CE (although I'm finally getting burnt out I've played it so many times)
Halo 3
Halo Reach (my favorite)
Halo 4
Halo Infinite (already played campaign twice and dying to play it again)

Deus X: HR and MD

All Bethesda RPGs except Morrowind and including New Vegas

AC 2, Brotherhood and Black Flag
Arkham Origins
Arkham Asylum
Arkham City
Arkham Knight
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Halo: Reach
Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 3: ODST
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
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The list would be too long, I like to replay at least 30 games regularly . Not typing everything out now lol


Xeaker Xeaker Maybe a small list what you replay the most?
GTA Chinatown Wars
Gothic 1 and 2
Doom Eternal
Yoshis Island and Super Mario World 3
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One more for the RE series here.

Get the urge to replay the entire series almost every year and I actually do it every other year or so. Most of them I still find super fun to replay. Only struggle a bit every time with Revelations 1+2 (especially 1) and of course RE6. Tried multiple times to get into it and never managed to, no matter how hard I tried. Only beat it the first time around 2 years ago. What a pain it was…

All the others are no brainers for me. Simply love this series. Currently replaying Village.

Just hope that Capcom finally manages to come up with a new and interesting story arc. While I love 7 and Village, they didn‘t get the universe anywhere. And even before those the RE story hasn‘t really been interesting since CV. I‘d love to care about the story once more like back with the STARS team and the fight against Umbrella.


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Farming simulator 22, Gears 5, Black ops 4, Resident evil 4, Mario 64, Smb 1, 2 & 3, Super mario world, killer instinct, Super Metroid, Mike Tysons Punchout, Gears 1 ,2 &3 Assassins creed orgins, Contra, Ninja Gaiden nes, Ninja Gaiden collection xbox, Bionic Commando, Rc Pro am, Double Dragon, Double Dribble, Ken griffey junior presents major leauge baseball snes, zelda mm, zelda, ww, zelda ocot, mario cart 64, mario cart dd, gta 4, gta 5

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