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Designer of Metroid Prime Hunters Wants to See the Nintendo DS Game Remade


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Speaking to Kiwi Talkz about his time working on the game, Richard Vorodi explained that while he believes Metroid Prime Hunters is perfect the way it is, if the fans wanted to see a remake bad enough he would be all for it. Vorodi says that seeing all the hunters in full resolution and the little details that would be able to be added to each character design would be exciting to see. Claiming that the FPS genre has seen the most growth out of any genre in the industry in the 16 years since the title's debut, Vorodi says that it would simply be unbelievable to see how Metroid Prime Hunters would play today.

Elsewhere in the interview Vorodi speaks on the development process for a Metroid game, claiming that Nintendo has a "Metroid Bible" that it gives to each development crew working on any Metroid game no matter mainline title or spin-off. Some bounty hunter names even had to be changed over the course of development on Metroid Prime Hunters as a few were found to already be registered trademarks. Vorodi also explained that the hunter Weavel was inspired by the painful experience of being bitten by a weevil bug as a child.


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I don't know if there's really a need to bring this game back. It was kind of cool at the time where everyone was like "Shit, a 3D portable Metroid Prime with online multiplayer!?" then quickly moved on once the novelty wore off. It would be amazing if Nintendo ported Metroid Prime Trilogy to the Switch and included a reworked version of this as a bonus, though...


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Oh man I would love a remaster of this.

I remember being in hospital when this came out and playing the fuck out of its multiplayer (vs bots) during my stay lol. Not sure how well it would hold up now mind you but the more retro games on newer hardware the better!
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No thanks, please don't waste your precious time on it.
Game is okish but that's it, it really doesn't deserve a remake AT ALL.
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