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Capcom announces Street Fighter VR: Shadaloo Empowerment Project. New Trailer

Trailer (will need good data to view without waiting)
Capcom has released footage of a new and upcoming Street Fighter virtual reality game. The announcement has only come out in Japanese thus far, but, thanks to the translation work from Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, the English title appears to be something along the lines of "Street Fighter VR Shadaloo Empowerment Project."

The game appears to use Street Fighter 5 assets as we see the likes of franchise poster boy, Ryu, and the Russian wrestler Zangief going at it from first person points of view.

We're treated to Ryu performing his various specials, such as the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku hurricane kick and the Shoryuken uppercut, while Zangief lariats our way and even scoops us up for a first person spinning pile driver ride.

Though we only get a few moments of footage, we do get to see some specific attack targets pop up on each character, seemingly indicating where specifically to attack (anyone remember Konami's Mocap Boxing arcade machines?).

While Ryu and Zangief are certainly the stars of the show thus far, it appears as though there's a bit of a narrative in that this all is to be done under the watchful eyes of M. Bison, who also appears in the trailer. It seems there's an additional character (perhaps to be unlocked) as the presentation ends with a bit of teaser.

Here are a handful of screenshots from the one minute trailer. Check them out, let us know what you think of the new project in the comments, and peep the full trailer over at the official game page.


Capcom has announced Street Fighter VR, basically Street Fighter 5 assets with VR gameplay mechanics.

It's not coming to home headsets though, at least for now, it's going to initially be at a mall or two in Japan in the arcades, but given that these are Street Fighter 5 assets, PSVR2 and perhaps even Quest 2 could easily handle a port if this proves to be viable.

In the trailer those fits looked very limited despite those flashy intros for Ryu and Zan, just a basic punch through Ryu through the wall, so I expect this to basically be a slightly faster paced generic boxing-style VR game where the characters will act crazy on screen then charge at you giving you a chance to dodge or hit, punch, or do a prompt. So far nothing else has come out about this game yet that suggests there may be more too the gameplay.

A fighting game in VR could work if detection was better and faster, not sure on this one tho.
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Why they don't just add a VR spectator mode to SF6?

Actually some form of VR implementation could be done on any game with minimal work, like watching character models in VR or standing and move around ertain game locations. For Sony's first party games should be an absolute no brainer now that they launch PSVR2.


Ugh, someone put this on youtube. Capcom's server is dying.

Edit" Here's one for now
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Had to laugh when I thought this was some kind of desperate moneyhat from Sony for PSVR2's painfully empty games lineup.

Awful as this concept is, it's not even coming to PSVR2!


One of the green rats
Wasn’t this a extra mode on the switch game? Lol

Why can’t I just stand on the sideline controlling a player in a normal street fighter?


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Wasn’t this a extra mode on the switch game? Lol

Why can’t I just stand on the sideline controlling a player in a normal street fighter?
yup that streetfighter launch game
it was fing awesome
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Why would no VS mode prevent (potentially) Capcom making a port of this for home VR for $60?

That was just an observation. The reason I thought no is that it seemed designed as a kids and families attraction. The rules say 7 and up. Maybe there more to it but seems like that from the page.
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