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Blasphemous 2 gets a nice physical collector's edition/ Release in May

Mr Hyde

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Looks like Blasphemous 2 is getting a physical release. It comes in a big collectors edition featuring art cards, soundtrack cd and even a printed guide. It lands on Switch, Playstation and Xbox May 29th. I'm pre-ordering this pronto. Blasphemous is the shit 🤟

Article about it on Nintendo Life

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To be honest I wish they'd reprint the OG Blasphemous for Switch and/or PS4 since most listings I've seen on ebay start at $100 which is bonkers.
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What? Just the original cart? No collectors edition or anything?
Just the standard physical release, it's been out of print since ages now so new copies are hard to find and very expensive.




Both options - cardboard thrash or figuring thrash - are equally bad. Just make it a steelbook with insane art and be done with it.
Eh, to each their own. But if I'm buying a physically collector's, I at least want something that I think is cool. Some people may think this is cool, but it's not for me though I wish it were.
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