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Assassin's Creed IV's player count jumps post-Skull & Bones launch


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Player count for the 2013 pirate game has recently grown to nearly 3,600 concurrent players at time of writing. Since 2020, years, its peak idled at (or over) 1,000 players.

While it's nowhere near the over-16,000 peak of its launch a decade ago, it does show how much players yearn for the same swashbuckling high Black Flag first delivered in 2013.


A similar event is occurring with Batman: Arkham Knight. After Suicide Squad came out in early February, Rocksteady's 2015 game has hit a peak of over 6,700 players on Steam.
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How embarrassing. They make a game for ten years based on a game that's ten years old that plays like a game that's ten years old.

Then the original ten year old game gets more hype kicked up than the new ten year old game.

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