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2022 PC Screenshot Thread of No Compromises


Pokemon Legends: Arceus on Ryujinx


- AI upscaled textures
- Skybox revamped + clouds + moon/sun
- Draw distance massively increased
- Higher lods and model detail
- 60 fps
- 1440p
- 16x AF

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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Baja California

Finally got this running again after over a year. Always hung up decompiling and even after multiple full windows reinstalls. I finally updated to Windows 11 last month and figured I'd try one more time. Dumped almost 8 hours into three flights since then.

Performance has definitely improved since the last time I played using the same hardware, I'm getting a mostly locked 60fps and even in places like Kuala Limpur I'm seeing 50. I'll give New York another shot, I was getting 20s there with the same hardware.
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