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Xbox 20th Anniversary Official Stream (15/11/21 - 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT)

Naked Lunch

Definitely the coolest thing MS has ever done dropping Infinite mp early and the huge BC drop.
The Otogi's in particular are much appreciated.

The show was a classy recap of the history of Xbox too.
I wasn't a believer on day one in 2001 of Xbox - I actually poked fun of it back then. Then I played Halo, Panzer Dragoon, and Ninja Gaiden on a friend's console and ate my words. I bought my own Xbox console in 2004 when Halo 2 online released. Been an Xbox Live member for 17 years now - so many great gaming memories. The 360 era probably my favorite console gen so far. The XB1 years were dark - but things turned around in a hurry this gen. Very exciting future for Xbox.

And it cannot be understated how awesome it is re-using/re-playing games I bought in the early 2000s on a 2021 console - like the aforementioned Otogi games - and playing them up-rezed and better performance.
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I missed the show but will watch a replay later. Really loved the original Xbox so much and then the 360 came along and, everything before Kinect made it my fav console of all time. They completely stuffed things up with the One but have kind of redeemed themselves somewhat with the Series X/S. I'm no fan whatsoever of game pass and all that it might bring to gaming, but I'm deeply embedded into their ecosystem (I own over 500 Xbox games) so my library is big enough to last me a long while. Just hope they never lose focus of us gamers who prefer console gaming without being tied down to a sub service to play games.
What a pile of crap, saying that Playstation's system is better.... it's so broke they tried to fix it last year and made it somehow broker.

I thought you were going to link to something about what MS is actually planning, not some clickbait.

What’s with the attitude? I’m just providing something to show where I was coming from in my original post for fuck sake.
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The fps boosts are already available for the games,
anyone have the full list?

EDIT: found it:

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Both games already looked awesome, the boost is the cherry on top. They are pretty much like full remasters of the originals. Lightning Returns is one of my favorite modern RPGs. It is sooo good.
Yep, it's insanely underrated. The FPS boost will help a lot with both games, since they have a lot of action on screen and are quite fast paced.
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