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Would you subscribe to a Sony GamePass?

Would you be interested in a Sony GamePass?

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Feb 18, 2014
Things won’t change over night. People are still buying movies and music. People will still buy games. And the industry will grow too.

In the future I imagine we’ll see gaming change like the music, movie/TV show industry. Things are already set in motion for this change. And all you can do at this point is either sit on the fence and miss the golden age of subscription services, when it’s still cheap, or wait until they’ve increased the monthly fee and has to compete with multiple other services about which games they can have and for how long.

On Xbox I’m riding the train while it’s still cheap. Would do the same on Playstation with zero hesitation. On PC I’m still buying games as usual but mostly during big sales.
No one said anything about not taking advantage. I always take advantage of deals when it suits me.

That doesn't mean a service is sustainable at a particular pricepoint. And that's actually what my post was about. To show the sustainability or not of a $10/mo Gamepass SonyPass etc. And what is realistic to expect. To put real numbers to the story and not just post vague platitudes. ;)
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Oct 26, 2018
I dont have a PS so I cant get it, but for you Sony gamers giving an option for a GP kind of service for cheap (much better than PS Now), I'd do it and milk it as long as possible till you feel the value isn't there. Then cancel.

Remember, don't support greedy corporations. They got money to spare. Dont forget PS division has never been more profitable. More profitable than PS1/PS2/PS3 combined. So it shows all the money they make from games and PS+ is going to corporate profits. All that BS about "we need PS+ fees to cover store infrastructure" was all BS. Profits at an all time high and still closing legacy stores, MP servers and such.

So don't be their profit lackey. Take advantage for cheap if the offer is there.

Same goes for GP below. If the deals dry up and the games suck, I'm bailing ship. But for now, I'm taking advantage of $1 deals. MS has money to subsidize.

Game pass in a nut shell

- Price: $10-15/mth (regular or ultimate)
- Current Promos: $1 top up to GPU based on your current Gold sub if you are new. $15 top up if your existing GP sub expired. This deal is still going. So buy annual Gold and top it up and it coverts to GPU. Max of 3 years into the future.

- First party games forever and day one
- Lots of new recent gen games
- A bunch of last gen 360 games
- Many games are for PC (including PC exclusive games if there's no console version)
- Third party games seem to stick for a bit
- EA Play (I think only for Ultimate). EA Play games stick forever. I don't think EA has ever deleted a game. You can even play Madden 15 or old 360 games
- All downloaded games. No streaming
- 20% discount to buy a game if it's on GP
- GP is sharable one other account (home sharing works with GP. I do it myself with a friend)
- Some random shit about xcloud and mobile (dont know much about these points, since I dont care for it, so read up on this part)
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Nov 9, 2013
if Sony makes a gamepass service it would be the only thing would take me off MS pass, if has the same rules ofc.
If Sony doesn’t do that I will play the Sony exclusives when they get to 20€ or less.


May 28, 2019
I would swap Xbox Game Pass for PlayStation in a heartbeat as I love collecting trophies 10x more than achievements.


Oct 23, 2020
PS Now with 1st party games day 1, then absolutely.

So would most Xbox fans seeing all the port begging the few last days. :lollipop_anxious_sweat:
What we've seen is their inner desire is to play PlayStation quality games.

GamePass is hard pass.
I havnt seen any xbox players port begging? Care to link.


Jun 27, 2005
No one said anything about not taking advantage. I always take advantage of deals when it suits me.

That doesn't mean a service is sustainable at a particular pricepoint. And that's actually what my post was about. To show the sustainability or not of a $10/mo Gamepass SonyPass etc. And what is realistic to expect. To put real numbers to the story and not just post vague platitudes. ;)
Okay well Microsoft says that Gamepass is sustainable right now at $10/15. But to be honest I don’t think it’ll be that when this generation is ending. At this point excited Gamepass subscribers are essentially advertising new game releases that non-subscribers are then buying. Increasing sales.
But once they have 40 million subscribers or so there could be more ”advertisers” than consumers. Then we’ll likely see the monthly fee increase. That’s my guess.

On the other hand, at that point we will also have a ton more awesome games on the service. So the question is, how much are we willing to pay to have access to that whole library? Maybe a price increase is fair in the future?

Anyway, the future is in the future, right now I’m living the dream leeching at $5/month. 😇


Jun 5, 2013
San Francisco, CA
1. I have very limited gaming time
2. I want to support devs with purchases
3. I have a big backlog of games that I do "own" already which I do want to play/finish

So I have zero reason to need or want a Sony version of gamepass. Before Red Dead 2 I got PSNow to replay RDR... but that's the only time I've ever used it, or been recently interested in using such a service. If there were things that I felt were worth playing on Xbox enough to buy one, or when I have enough time to spend on a gaming PC that I feel like I'll actually use, I might grab gamepass for a month or two to play a couple things -- catch up on Gears, for instance. But apart from that, I have no desire to have a gaming subscription service.

If I were at a different place in my life, I would definitely be using it... I was subscribed to Gamefly for probably a couple years.
But I simply don't have that kind of free time anymore, and these days, for me, time is far, far more valuable than money.

I also have a principle issue with the model... I don't know for sure that such a service actually supports devs in ways that I know actually purchasing games day 1 for MSRP does, as someone in the industry. And sure sometimes I get burned, like with Marvel's Avengers which I have barely played... but supporting the effort matters to me, even if it doesn't matter to most anyone else, and I literally know people who developed that game. Which means I feel the need to support them even if it doesn't work out to my benefit as a consumer.

I don't know that gamepass is supportive in that way. Looking at the numbers in a very cursory way, I don't understand how it could be. But maybe I'm just mistaken.


May 17, 2018
I've been subscribed to PS Now for years now and I have no plans of canceling the subscription. The service is cheap and allows me to access games I otherwise wouldn't care about, to play while I wait for the big first party games. Since it isn't Sony's main target when distributing their games I'm ok with it.


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Jan 7, 2018
I actually don't think so, despite that i usually buy most Sony games, and Sony release much more games than MS and also much interesting and better games for the most part, but with sub i'm not owning any of this shit, if i stop sub one day i can't play any of the thousands games i got for sub, also 150 bucks per year just for sub is insane amount of money, i think i'd still rather just buy what i want and if there are many games release at same time i got few and wait for price drop for other games,.
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Dec 9, 2020
Nope, I tried Gamepass, then decided it's not for me, I'd rather buy the games that I want to add to my collection and invest time with them, than having a huge backlog and end up playing nothing, on one hand I understand that it might be a huge deal to another kind of gamers, online games, Indies, AA's or Xbox, so as long as it's healthy for the Industry, it's good, but, nah, not for me.

On the other hand I'm just not voting with my wallet for another Industry standard subscription model as I did with an online play pay wall.
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Dec 8, 2018
You think they were serious lol. Most people were joking about their requests because of the MLB thing. They wernt port begging at all. Learn to take a joke.
"Joking" in that thread
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Sep 21, 2006
Sure, if the price is right.

If I would buy 2 or 3 games per year at full price that would come to the service day one and the total cost of that is around what the service costs for a year then I might as well get the service and end up with all the extra games + the ones I would have bought anyway.


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Jun 1, 2013
One of the reasons I got Plus on PS3 was the monthly games. Its one reason why I kept it.

Yeah I would.

I have Game Pass too. And again its great for what it offers. Personally I wanna see Sony just expand Plus vs making another subscription service, or expand PSNow. IMO they dont need another subscription service, just use one of them.

I'm like you OP, I'm not impress with whats on Game Pass either. I either already have most of them or what I dont have just isnt interesting to me.

I'm waiting for the future Xbox games.
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Reality Czar

Feb 16, 2021
Nope if a new game is worth buying I will just buy it and have that value for resale later. Renting games is just throwing money down the toilet. PS Now already has plenty of games anyways. More than GamePiss iirc.
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Ask me about my Stream Deck
Aug 16, 2013
Phoenix AZ
Seems like some options are missing from the survey. Where's "I'm not opposed, but I don't really care one way or the other"?


Aug 20, 2018
Rio Rancho, NM
I like the idea but Sony can discount their games pretty good. Days Gone is free on ps+ for starters. They have a bunch of games like nioh 2 that eventually hit 20 bucks or less. Pretty sure you could get all of the uncharteds over the holidays for like 30 bucks or less. Not the biggest Sony fan so spiderman miles doesn't do much for me until it hits about 15 but I know it'll get there. The price I buy new at (sale or otherwise) would have to be higher than the roughly 120/year cost of a subscription. And the $ amount I put towards Sony games every year, well, is actually less now that the show is on Xbox (I haven't bought it but considered buying it for ps4 because of good reviews, now I don't have to, yay).


Jan 8, 2012
I like Sony due to the quality single player games they produce, but I usually never replay these games so I'd be down to pay a fee to be able to play them day and date.


Dec 10, 2019
No, because I still argue GameFly is the superior service drawbacks aside. You can rent PS2 and GBA to current-Gen systems and have a selection of what you personally want to play vs the selection given to you. Gamepass is just rental and directly downloaded which is pretty nice but that also means I’m stuck with the selection of what they want me to play vs what I actually want to play. Don’t get me wrong, Gamepass is awesome but you can’t convince me that it’s worth it when you tell I can play Edith Finch on Gamepass for “free” when I can get Returnal and play it long as I want because it’s something I’m interested in and with the limited time I have to game and money I’m being stingy with, GP doesn’t have that appeal to me that someone with a lot more time and interest in multiple genre’s would find to be appealing.
Mar 8, 2021
In a vacuum I would, but seeing as I already subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, the pricing would need to be right (or an option for a cheaper version with only the Sony exclusives) as I wouldn't want to pay a significant amount for whatever amount of 3rd party overlap would be between the two services. But I definitely think a Game pass like service would make Playstation more desirable for me, and would be the right way forward imo


Jan 15, 2017
Sure. But I would want there to be the full back catalogue of Sony first party titles from PS1 up to PS5. To download as well. No streaming only option.

If they could offer that, then I'd sign up in a heart beat.
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Oct 10, 2014
If I could get it for the going rate of $1 for 3 years with ps plus i would and so would millions of others. For $15 a month that they will ultimately charge when they’re first party catalog grows, no.
$151 for 3 years, same price as 3 yeas of PSnow


Jan 15, 2017
The results of this poll are really interesting.

Proves my point that people are more comfortable renting games rather than buying them.