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With Breath of the Wild 2 being delayed to Spring 2023, and E3 2022 now fully Cancelled. When do you think its major reveal/blowout will take place?


So far in 5 years since the original, all we know about the Sequel is what has been shown in the quick teaser, and just a few second clip in the latest Delay announcement:

There still is not even an Official Title for the game either, and supposedly is going to be releasing in about a year's time. While of course further delays can definitely NOT be ruled out given this is Zelda and it already has a history of delays, one would think at some point Nintendo will have to do a full reveal of the game (even the original got one well before some of its delays).

With E3 2022 now cancelled completely, when do you think Nintendo would likely hold an event to reveal the game? Also worth considering of course that Nintendo still has many games that are going to launch in 2022 that they'll want to keep in the spotlight first as well.


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Nintendo go on their own clock to be honest. They’ll probably announce a direct dedicated to it. I’d guess Jan 2023.

Astral Dog

They might show something new in June(or when their summer Direct happens) maybe not much,but they should show something soon, 'E3' is cancelled but Nintendo has a very good second half lineup to promote and surprises to reveal, even with BotW2 delayed


What does E3 being cancelled have to do with anything? There'll be a Nintendo Direct in June. We'll probably get a full title reveal here and then a dedicated Direct in January of next year.

Dr Bass

June 2024. Six months before it actually releases.

Is Dr Bass joking? Only I know. And frankly I'm not even sure.
I am making a new indie game, does that count?
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Nintendo doesn't really need to do anything around E3.

They can have a Direct at the ass end of December and people who are excited for that game will flock towards it no questions asked.

Astral Dog

Nintendo had a history of doing major Zelda blowouts during E3's. Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and BotW had dedicated major events at the show.
If the game is coming out spring of next year as they say, they have to prepare their own event specifically to market this game, anyways this year we should see a lot more
Well, people were complaining that last year's The Game Awards show felt worse than the others because there was no Nintendo Hype announcement. A showcase of BOTW2 then would probably fix that.


Well it’s a shame to see E3 go down the tubes. It’s obvious that the major reasons for holding large trade events aren’t as relevant in 2022, but it was still nice to have that excitement in the air, especially with the keynotes. But the writing has been on the wall now with major players not even bothering to have keynotes last year. I guess Keighley plans to pick up the slack at least to some degree, so I guess not all hope is lost
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