why don't more people learn how to cook?


I can't speak for everyone but I do believe there's a huge mental barrier for cooking. I worked in kitchens for a good while when I was younger, and honestly, if I didn't I wouldn't have the mindset to cook as often as I do now. Once you know what goes into making certain things or certain processes, it doesn't seem as daunting. People just need to understand what they can do with the time that they have and I think people would warm up to the idea especially with the money it saves you.


I started with those meal delivery services, they give you the nice recipe card and it's easy to get together. That got me in the habbit and I kept going from there on my own.


Honestly, once you know the basics, it gets a lot easier and you don't want to not cook as often.

There's quite a lot to learn though. From how long to fry onions and add garlic before they burn, to making a simple rue.


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Also it's funny. My mom doesn't cook but makes food. My father doesn't care. My brother neither. And here I am getting excited making some oriental dish or having to add this and that to makes things more yummy haha
Funny aside, not enough coffee.
Above this thread was do you smoke weed and below this thread was guilty pleasure songs, I read this thread quickly as why don't more people learn to smoke crack, did a re read and then laughed out loud.
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i eat way more vegetation than restaurants can provide: pounds of leafy greens, beans, nuts and seeds per week. gotta pulverize it in the blender and grind the seeds since I don't have time to chew it all day and to make it actually digestible gotta blend it with something acidic with a low ph. i usually combine it with 2 or 3 peeled lemons since it has the lowest ph of all fruits and some orange juice/berries/bananas. u can use lime or other low ph fruits I guess also vinegar if ur making soup/stew and don't want the creation too sweet sometimes I eat yogurt as my protein which helps a lil with digesting the other foods I think cuz of the good bacteria and let everything ferment in my belly. i spend probably more or less a couple hours a day in the kitchen and leave my creation in the fridge overnight and blend it again the next day and consume.
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Because many people are lazy sad sacks and would rather get McDonald's or heat up a pot pie. Mostly younger get millennials and gen z. One of the many things wrong with them.


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Because many people are lazy sad sacks and would rather get McDonald's or heat up a pot pie. Mostly younger get millennials and gen z. One of the many things wrong with them.
The younger they are, the seemingly more convenience orientated they are. Even if it's a waste of money. I have some nieces in high school and tons of kids for order UBER or Skip the Dishes delivery service for lunch.

Side note: Meatballs.

For any of you who dont really cook and want to cook up some meatballs, I reco NEVER buy those pre-boxed/pre-bagged meatballs. It looks like a good deal where you get 48 meatballs for $10. Every box of this stuff is assembly line garbage. Half of it isnt even real meat but fillers and shit that make them all rubbery. There are times it might be ok if you crockpot them with tons of sauce (one of my friend's made teriyaki meatballs this way and they seemed edible, so I guess whatever brand she bought was better, but most are shit)

Make your own meatballs with ground beef, or buy them fresh from the butcher section.
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