What will the next Xbox Series X be named?

What will the next more powerful Xbox Series X console be named?

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Xbox name’s are nothing to brag about let’s be honest “Xbox”
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it's either gonna be Series 2X or Series X2

they clearly used this Series naming scheme to get away from their more exotic names

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I can't believe people are already thinking about these next systems lol. If Xbox release a new console before or the same year that there actual next gen games come out its a massive L. When did we see hellblade? 2019? That game was the first thing shown albeit a CGI trailer, shits crazy.


The naming of the new generation of Xbox consoles is "Xbox Series". But what will the mid-gen refreshes be named? I gotta admit I am very curious what the fuck they're gonna do for names going forward. (We already know Sony will do PS5 slim/Pro.) They went from Xbox One to Xbox One X/S. Now they have Xbox Series X/S. What name will Xbox use next for their equivalent of a PS5 Pro? Its also unclear if they would make a more powerful Series S, or just do a Series S slim model, or just leave that one as is. I wonder how many SKUs they will want to create for developers to have to support? Will they stop at 3 for the gen? Or would they go to 4 by creating a more powerful version of the Series S as well? Will they stick with X/S or use new letters too? Lotta questions.

An "Xbox Series X Elite" could make sense for a more powerful new console.

They use the Elite name for the Xbox Elite controller currently! and there was an Xbox 360 Elite in the past as well.

My bet is:
$500/600 - Xbox Series X Elite
$400/500 - Xbox Series X (slim or maybe digital only)
$250/300 - Xbox Series S

Here are some ideas for the mid gen refresh naming scheme and thus the entire generation lineup:

- Xbox Series X Elite, Xbox Series X/S
- Xbox Series X/S (2nd gen), Xbox Series X/S (1st gen)
- Xbox Series X/S (2023/24 edition), Xbox Series X/S (2020 edition)
- Xbox Series 2 X/S, Xbox Series X/S
- Xbox Series II X/S, Xbox Series X/S
- Xbox Series X/S 2, Xbox Series X/S
- Xbox Series X Pro, Xbox Series S slim, Xbox Series X/S
- Xbox Series Y/V, Xbox Series X/S
- Xbox Series XX/SS, Xbox Series X/S

Lots of weird possibilities for naming this gen of xbox lol.
who knows.
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