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[Sweepstakes] Xbox Celebrates Mutant Nostalgia With Marvel Animation’s X-Men ‘97 Custom Comic Xbox Series X and Controllers

Calling all Xbox and X-Men enthusiasts! We’re ecstatic to announce an incredible collaboration between Xbox and Marvel Animation’s “X-Men ’97,” now streaming on Disney+. Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of mutants like never before.

Xbox and “X-Men ’97” have come together to bring you a very special Xbox Series X wrapped in a limited-edition comic inspired by the all-new series and created by Marvel writer Rich Douek and artist Paco Diaz. This thrilling 2-page story with full page cover is exclusive to the Xbox Series X, and features Cyclops leading the X-Men in a battle against Sentinels and Master Mold, with an Xbox Series X console making a special appearance in the Danger Room.

Marking the first time an Xbox Series X has been wrapped by a comic book, this collaboration promises to immerse fans in a nostalgic journey through the world of the “X-Men ’97.”


In addition, Xbox Design Lab created a set of controllers inspired by you the colorways of your favorite X-Men characters from the show: Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Morph, Magneto, Jubilee, Gambit, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, and Bishop. Each character comes to life through unique controller designs, and comes in a 90’s inspired blister pack that makes for the ultimate collector item.

Fans eager to get their hands on the “X-Men ’97”-inspired Xbox Series X and one of the Xbox Design Lab character controllers will have the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes hosted on Xbox Twitter.


By following Xbox on X (formerly Twitter) and retweeting the official Xbox sweepstakes tweet ( #XMen97XboxSweepstakes) during the Entry Period, fans can secure their chance to win a Xbox Series X Console inspired by X-Men ’97, Xbox Wireless Controller (this comes with the console but will not be customized), and a Xbox Design Lab Controller inspired by X-Men ’97 Wolverine . The sweepstakes will run exclusively from Monday, April 22, 6:00am PST through Sunday, May 19, 8:00pm PST, offering participants ample time to join in on the excitement.

Get ready to unleash your mutant powers with this Xbox and “X-Men ‘97” team-up and don’t forget to catch the latest episodes of “X-Men ’97” on Disney+, available on your Xbox!

Punished Miku

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Super basic, but I know there's someone out there that is going to try and collect all these.

I like the Jean Grey and Storm ones. There are much better limited edition controllers out there though.

The console is pretty bad. Honestly couldn't even tell that was the Series X for a while.
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