What platform and genre do you spend the most time with?


You sound a bit like me. Do you find your playtime is pretty even across both new consoles, or does one dominate?
My playtime on a specific console will always depend on which has the biggest banger at that time. It just happens that the PS5 has had the lions share thus far. I’m not big into Halo, so the next big Series X game will be FH5 and even then, I am only in for the visuals because I don’t really get on with open world driving games. Series X will get its chance to shine 2022 for me personally.


Series X for everything Xbox. That's my main console.

Retro consoles, especially MegaDrive + Mega CD and Saturn.

Vita and Switch as handheld consoles, mainly Vita.

I tend to play more RPGs, VNs and turn based games. I am a bit tired of action games, they all feel the same.


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PC because i play 95% of the games in the market on it.

Genre? probably open world stuff, action rpgs, metroidvania, tps, roguelite, soulslike and dungeon crawlers, oh and monster hunter.

Ps5 for the few annual exclusives.
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Series S until i can get my hands on a Series X. Haven't seen a single XSX since 2 month. Could have bought plenty of PS5, but XSX? No chance. Sucks.


Depends a lot what's being released. Sometimes I play only PS for months, now I've been playing Switch almost exclusively thanks to a lot of good games being released and added to my backlog.

(J)RPGs is the genre that consumes my time the most.


I try to get all consoles when I can but always go PlayStation first. Although this time, I went with the Xbox first; I got the PS5 as soon as I was able to find one. I've got an alright PC and do have a Nintendo Switch as well.

Playstation - my primary for gaming due to the types of games it has.
Xbox - for any games that aren't on PS but I've also double-dipped on some titles so I had something to play on the Xbox.
Nintendo - Mario, The Legend of Zelda based games
PC - I prefer playing games that are RTS or Action RPG on it (e.g. Warcraft/Starcraft or Diablo) or other niche titles that I've found on GOG.

My most favorite genres in gaming, reflected by games such as:
  • Prince of Persia series (SOT, WW, Two Thrones, 2008)
  • Uncharted series
  • God of War series
  • Resident Evil series
  • The Last of Us series
  • Warcraft series
  • Zelda series
  • Burnout series (how I miss it!)
I've gone to enjoy some other genres too but the ones listed above I will finish. I like gaming overall so anything that seems interesting to me I will check out.
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These last few months it's been pretty evenly PC and Switch. I feel nowadays these are the two most convenient platforms to use for me.

Switch because you can play it anywhere (tv, couch, bed, away from home) and PC because it's convenient to play games on a device in front if which I already spend a lot of time (work, social media).
Switch gets the most use. 2nd place is Series S currently. 3rd place is PS5 (last main game I played a bunch was NieR Replicant in April).


Lately it’s been Xbox cause it’s new and there are so many exclusives I’ve never played. Also cause of game pass. But over the last few years it’s definitely been the switch. Because I love most Nintendo games, it has a lot of couch co-op for my daughter and I, and because of handheld play.
As for genre….dude I have no idea. I play a tons of different genres. Like right now I’m going between a fps (mcc), a visual novel (great ace attorney), a truck simulator (snow runner) and a platformer (psychonauts 2) - with a little Gears and hellblade thrown in. I honestly couldn’t even guess what genre I play the most.


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PS5 and XSX pretty much equally. I play one game on PS5, then move onto XSX.

As per genre - mostly JRPG/Action JRPG
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