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Tomb Raider Games Could Be Coming to Epic Games Store


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

An update for was released on October 18 for both Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, with it adding Nvidia's DLSS support to the games, as well as improving ray-tracing capabilities and fixing compatibility issues with Intel GPU hardware. However, one part of the update stands out from the rest: "Updates to multiplayer infrastructure to use Epic Online Services."

It is possible that the game's developer Eidos is just making use of the services that Epic Games offer, but it is worth noting that the publisher of the series, Square Enix, recently began a partnership with Epic Games to bring some of their games to PC.



We can hate Square all we want, they would be stupid to refuse the money these companies are trowing at them.

Didn't they get 100 millions for Rise Of the Tomb Raider Xbox temporary exclusive?

I can't even imagine how much epic is giving them for this and FFVII, probably over 100 mil as well.


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rise of the tomb raider dx12 implementation was one of the most broken dx12 games i played. So they now decided to update it? lol

what a shit fest of a company.


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They really need to remake the original trilogy aka GTA Trilogy. And then release Last Revelations as a stand-alone title. People would eat it right up.


epic online services (EOS) is not specific to the epic store. easyanticheat is part of the EOS SDK, for example.
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