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Tim Schafer Answers 23 Questions


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

How fast can Tim Schafer solve a Rubik's cube? What's his favorite Ramones album? Or what's his morning routine? Tim answers those and more in this special Q&A.

Tim Schafer is the creative mind behind games like Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Broken Age, and, most recently, the action platformer Psychonauts 2. Tim's career goes back 30 years, starting at LucasArts co-writing The Secret of Monkey Island. In 2000, however, Tim set on his own path and founded Double Fine Productions, with its debut title being the cult-classic Psychonauts. In the above video, Tim answers 23 questions like "what's the hardest part of writing?", or "what's Psychonauts 2's biggest inspirations?"
I can't believe he actually solved a Rubik's cube during an interview. Tim Schafer seems like a very likeable but odd duck.....haha


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If I were a human, I'd wish that Tim were my dad.

Yeah the Day of the Dead (or something similar named) streams he did from his back garden with his daughters helping out were very wholesome, some of the best wfh effort I've seen.
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