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The Sinking City - Xbox Series X 4K 60 FPS Gameplay


Jun 1, 2019
The game just stealth launched on the Series X today. It already launched on the PS5. But today it's available on the Series X and S digital store.

here's some info:

- price is 49.99$ USD for standard & Deluxe is 64.99 USD
- 4K Resolution with 60 FPS gameplay. They say this but during some moments inside building the fps can waver
- Improved graphical fidelity. The game looks heaps better to what it looked like on the previous gen
- Improved loading times. This is a given with the new hardware. Really great as it took a while to load into areas and sections on the PS4 and Xbox One & X
- Merciful Madness DLC (This is apparently available as as separate purchase or part of the Deluxe Edition)
- no upgrades from previous gen to next gen. This is a bummer. They explain this by saying that the previous gen and next gen games have different publishers and it wasn't possible to offer this.

Overall i've had a much smoother experience with this version. The previous gen versions loaded a long time, crashed all the time and had frame pacing and button input drops. But no upgrade is gonna be a huge turn off to many. Let me know if you guys get the game and what your experience is. I would play more, but I'm addicted to Returnal atm lol.

Cheers and stay safe people

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Dec 29, 2018


Jan 3, 2020
I bought this in PS 4 (in a sale) but have PS 5, run smooth , sometimes the map dont pop up fast but not a problem. Its a normal game but like Jim Sterling say "the worst game that I liked", having a blast even with all the error and other things. Dont finish it because the ants kill my PS5.