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News Sales-Age The Last of Us Part II remains 3rd best selling game of 2020. Lifetime dollar sales 3rd highest in history for Sony to date. 4th best selling in July.

Will TLOUII outsell Spider-Man in both dollar sales* and units sold in its first year of tracking?

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Dec 10, 2019
Same for me. I went in blind, didn't follow the spoilers, ignored all the videos and articles about it. I was here defending the game before it came out. I even called it the game of the generation when the reviews came out. Then I got to play it until the end with a fresh mind and I was stomped.

The haters were right all along. It's like Neil wanted to make a game about his new dream characters, Abby and Lev, and he used the sequel of TLOU to do it. He tried to build a story around them to make it fit but it was a big cringeworthy mess and he destroyed TLOU1 legacy in the process.

He's lucky his new characters all happen to be lgbtq+ so now he has a mindless army defending his shitty story and characters. You all can't admit they suck because you think you are sticking it to the alt-right or something.


I could give a fuck about what the internet or "alt-right" thinks. I played the game, I enjoyed it, and even redid my favorite chapter this morning on grounded because it's FUN.

Read my post history, I was shitting all over the game and my mind changed afterwards because I realized that knowing the major story beats wasn't the whole story and felt like it's one of the best stories in games since Silent Hill 2 and I stand by that.

People want video games to be considered art and tell daring stories but when they do suddenly it's an issues because it's not gamer wish fufillment.


Jul 8, 2020
Deflecting won't work.

He said it was bad, still doesn't change the fact that it wasn't because of Spider-Man 3's bad reception.

Sales prove its a success. Also Neil said who enjoyed the first game may not like the second game.

You're comparing apples to oranges.
the reason you don't get what happened to TLOU2 is the same reason you don't get what happened with SM3.
It could also be that every major spoiler was released onto the internet and that tempered a lot more sells than anything the internet was able to drum up considering the sales are still strong.

this was free advertising. more likely led to the big sales at launch.