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The Last Of Us: Part 1 Has A Stunning First-Person Mod In The Works


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

In a recent video shared by the game capture artist "VoyagersRevenge" on YouTube, we got a first look at an in-progress first-person mod for the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1, and surprisingly enough, it looks quite polished.

Unfortunately, there is no information on when this mod will be ready to release, and what changes it aims to deliver to the game, but looking at the gameplay trailer, it looks quite impressive, as the first-person camera fits perfectly with the character animations. Although Joel's gun looks a bit misplaced in some scenes, it still looks much better than what we could have probably imagined for a first-person mod only a few weeks after the official release.

  • The encounters are on a custom difficulty with everything on grounded+ except resources, which allows for aggressive gameplay.
  • The player starts with an abundance of ammo and crafting materials, as well as upgraded weapons, which helps in taking down enemies easily.
  • Custom difficulty also allows some HUD elements to be seen on grounded mode.


Wow, this looks much better than the 3rd person in this game although a little bit misaligned.
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We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
We'll see. TLOU always played clunkily because realism so I dunno how well that translate to FPS. Assume it's on Grounded+ by default because it actually controls like a real FPS which would kill all difficulty on normal.

That said I haven't actually tried the regular PC version so I don't even know how it translates to a mouse in the first place yet.
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Didn't see any melee combat. The momentum of running and swinging a pipe, or stealthily strangling is a huge part of the game. Not sure if that will translate as well as shooting.


I got 3 TLOU platinum trophies

TLOU1 Remake

And yeah, this is tempting me to go after the fourth.


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Kinda makes the game look very generic to me, just another FPS among the rest.

Looks like a well made mod.. Nothing I’d want to play though.
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They should do a third person mod for Cyberpunk, I'd appreciate that greatly
There are already 3rd person mods for Cyberpunk. Last time I checked they sucked but might be better now.

edit: apparently not. it still sucks. the game was designed purely for 1st person and i dont see that ever changing. maybe CDPR will suprise us with the Phantom Liberty expansion but I very much doubt it. Best we can hope for is that the sequel will have 3rd person.

the first person doesn't bother me except that we only see our character in the menu, on a motorbike, in a car, or a scene at the end of the game. they obviously did have cutscenes with the character made (as seen in the original gameplay trailer). i'd be up for them adding more cutscenes to the base game and expansion or going back to 1st person gameplay with 3rd person cutscenes for the sequel.
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I don't know, in TLOU you are not supposed to fight enemies that attack you only frontally like many FPS, they come suddenly from everywhere because is natively a third person game.
The video is edited, but I think during the normal gameplay you'll need the watch your back many times, and this could be tedious,


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

All encounters are on custom difficulty (everything on grounded+ except resources). Starting with an abundance of ammo and crafting materials, as well as upgraded weapons, allows for aggressive gameplay and realistic brutal combat. Custom difficulty also allows some HUD elements to be seen on grounded.

In this video, we will explore The Last of Us New First Person Mode Mod Update . My Immersive First Person Mode concept showcase lets us survive up close and personal in this beautiful, realistic, and brutal world that Naughty Dog has developed. Huge thanks to mod tools provided by Flawless Widescreen, JediJosh920 and TheMagicalBlob which helped us develop this cinematic fan concept.


TLoU was never made with facial animations in mind, so if they don't fix this, the game will look like hot garbage at times (pretty often).

As opposed to i.e. Half-Life 2 were the npc tilts and turns head towards player and shift it's eyes towards you.

So the zombie (clicker) hoards will feel as real as anything, but you'll get no real sense of humanity from your partners. I imagine it'll be a pretty bleak experience..
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