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The Division Heartland - Official Developer Gameplay Overview



Join members of the Red Storm development team for a deep dive into The Division Heartland, an upcoming free-to-play, PvEvP focused, survival-action shooter game. Watch as the team gives a breakdown about your objective, the story, gameplay, base of operations, playstyles, classes, and more.

It looks much better than I thought it would. Especially for a f2p game from Ubi, but i see way less gadgets like Drones and Turrets/Shields hmmm.

Beta regestration:
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Looking forward to this one. Assuming they'll be rolling out a decent amount of content to keep it interesting since it's F2P.


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I’m in. I just got back into Division 2 after awhile and am having a blast again. This looks more interesting, despite the awful video production and usual buzzwords.
I find it really awkward when developers are shown hyping up their own game. Follow the model of having one narrator(offscreen) detailing all the shit you want to detail. Scripted dialogue like this is so cringe

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I loved Division 1 and 2, but just from watching this video you can start seeing every place that they are going to squeeze out microtransactions. Filters in the contamination zones, your daily go bag of supplies, the need for "fresh water" to not get dehydrated in game now, decontaminating weapons. All this on top of what looks like being able to buy blueprints, emotes, etc when in your base of operations. Get those Division Shark Cards ready!

Having said that I will still try it out day one with my Division friends.


I’m assuming the monetisation will be horrendous.

£15 for the battlepass and a cosmetic floppy dildo hat in rainbow flag colours.
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