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The 3DO M2; ten years of hunting and sharing software in the making


I don't often do big grand tours of the random and obscure stuff I've managed to come across over the years but considering my lifelong annoyance that Panasonic cancelled the 3DO M2 when it was basically ready to ship to gamers as a finished console...why not. It's taken me a little over ten years of active hunting to go from zero pieces of M2 hardware to what now amounts to basically an example of every piece of M2 hardware and software to ever exist, the full source code for the SDK, tons of unseen game dumps Ive shared with anyone who wants to enjoy them...and a closet dedicated to 3DO M2 hardware that now barely closes due to how much I've actually managed to find.

Plus I recently sent some NOS chips from the M2 to an engineer for decapping and scanning...because you never know...could get an FPGA core going and finally let anyone who wants enjoy what the 3DO M2 actually has to offer considering it does have five fully released arcade games, one near finished console game, a ton of game betas and demos...and some weirder stuff too!

Gaf...I can't be the only one who was excited for M2 back in the day? Who else here was interested in it?

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