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Switch OLED teardown video


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"tHe kICkStANd Is FinAlLY aCtUaLLy UsABle!"


yeah it's better but come the fuck on man...it was perfectly usable in the 2017/2019 model.
It wasn't. The older version is flimsy and doesn't hold. Not good I'd the switch keeps dropping.


I definitely need to see another unit in person, it's so hard to tell what the colours are like in these YouTube vids because of the way the camera distorts OLED.

Mine's awful, way too green. I feel like I got ripped off.
LOL at the bit when he says "If Nintendo say they are making changes, I tend to believe them" around the joycon bit :p
Why? Nintendo never claimed to change the Joycons before this, even after the lawsuit and offering free fixes.

They've been hesitant to change them as it could be seen as changing a known defect and could leave them legally liable in the lawsuit.

Now, they finally claim they changed parts a bit back. So, yeah, I believe them and it's about time.
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