Square Enix trademarks The Divine Force in Japan, Hamster trademarks Console Archives

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Square Enix trademarks The Divine Force in Japan, Hamster trademarks Console Archives​

Hamster to start re-releasing old console games?

Square Enix filed a trademark for “The Divine Force” on October 5 in Japan, which was made public today.

Additionally, Hamster Corporation, which regularly re-releases old arcade games for PlayStation 4 and Switch via its Arcade Archives, filed a trademark for “Console Archives” in English and Japanese (contraction included) on October 6, suggesting the company may start re-releasing old console games for modern platforms.

Source: Gematsu

Arcade Archives Publisher Hamster Has Filed A Trademark For 'Console Archives'​

Is even more retro goodness on the way?

Hamster Corporation has been pumping out enhanced arcade releases since the Nintendo Switch arrived on the scene in 2017, but it might finally be time for it to take the next big step in retro preservation.

According to a story over on Gematsu, the Japanese company filed a trademark for "Console Archives" in English and Japanese earlier this month on October 6th. While it's probably best not to get too excited, it seems like there's a real possibility it could be planning to re-release older console titles.

Hamster began its Arcade Archives service on Switch on 3rd March 2017 and as of December last year had had over "200 consecutive weeks of delivery". You can see all of Hamster's current Switch eShop releases this year over on its official website, or view our Nintendo Life Arcade Archives guide.

The latest addition to the Arcade Archives collection most recently was Bandai Namco's Rally-X last week. While we wait for any developments, tell us in the comments what classic games you would like to see Hamster revive on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo Life
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