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Sony is Reportedly Working on the CMOS Problem That Will Brick All PS4 and Digital PS5 Consoles


No, but the guy keeps claiming you can't play games on the Xbox without an internet connection, which is 100% false. It's obvious he's someone who doesn't own the system and is going off the always-online DRM that no longer exists in the system. Once the system is set as your Home Xbox you can play stuff without internet.
Setting the Xbox up (a predicate for setting a machine as a home console) needs to be done with an online internet connection to a Microsoft server. The Xbox with the servers down is as useful as a Stadia with a built-in Blu-ray movie player. Unlikely, sure. As unlikely as people using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer must have seemed in 2002.
So add a check for the clock - if it's set, then everything works just as it does now. If it's not set, then display an alert saying something like "The ability to gain new trophies is suspended during this play session - please connect to the network to restore this functionality" - then allow the game to start, but with trophy capability temporarily disabled.
That’s my hope. A simple stupid warning prompt we can just hit x on and get into the games we paid for. I appreciate that for some it is very valuable to earn achievements by playing games today. It’s arguably just as valuable to always be able to play the games upon which the achievements are based.
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Where does he say that? The guy is saying if you format the drive or replace it in a repair you need a connection. He is fear mongering for both the PS4 battery and the initial setup of the Xbox in case of future repairs if the services were hypothetically gone. He is a advocate for not relying on the online component for future scenarios but I've never seen him say you always need to be online. Mind point to a tweet where he said this?
It's not only initial setup. Every time you put a new disc (not used before) you have to go online to be able to play it.


It's not only initial setup. Every time you put a new disc (not used before) you have to go online to be able to play it.
I think if you put it into offline mode prior to putting in the disc you don't need a connection. I haven't checked though.
I find it strange how many Xbox fans are concerned that there is a chance they won't be able to use their PS4s when the battery dies 20 to 30 years from now.


Great news !

Solution is pretty simple (to say, not to implement): battery changed and no PSN reachable ? => put a warning that as long the console is not time synced once with PSN, all trophies won't be added to PSN user account even if you go online later. It will only start to count once time synced once with PSN.

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This is why it was good to bring up the issue now, now this can become a non-issue instead of waiting 10-20 years to complain about it when Sony may not care about fixing the PS4/PS5 anymore.
Yes, that's why there were so few Y2k software issues, some of us actually worked for months to test and fix all issues. Tools were written to verify that the BIOS on computers would handle the transition too.
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