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Some Quick Thoughts from an ex-Gamepass skeptic

10 hours a week is A LOT for a hobby. I mean, I play more than that, but not much more in a regular working week. If somebody plays 10 hours a week is not a casual.
On 10 hours a week I can finish all there's currently on GP that interests me in 2 months....then unsubscribe and done until there's another bunch of stuff that I'd play in a month.
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So love having gamepass as I have found several games I really loved that I wouldn't have purchased for myself (Surviving Mars, 2 Point Hospital several more)

With some big ones coming Gamepass is about to get a whole lot better in Forza, Ages of Empires (PC), Halo (yeah I said Halo) Psy 2

Dont get me wrong I do love the great single player games from Sony as well but as amazing as those games are once I beat them I am done with them then I return to Gamepass and the Series X where I spend 90% of my time gaming.

For what its worth had a few people start asking me which new system I thought would be best about a year ago before this new gen launched and I have always been a Sony fan first but my answer was I felt Xbox was making a lot of the right moves and think we are seeing those finally.
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