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RTTP/Opinion: Console Warring has deprived Horizon Zero Dawn, and its graphics, of richly deserved adulation.

Are you prepared to offer the game props for it's achievements?

  • Yes, exceptional game indeed.

  • Nah, I can't squeeze it out.

  • Other (pffff)

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This is the first I’ve heard of it.

Console warring did nothing detrimental to HZD whatsoever. Sales, awards, VR spin offs and a sequel should tell you how well regarded it is. Not some fanboy weirdo on the internet.



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This game is a graphical tour deforce, unquestionably. That being said, it doesn’t make it a great game. I didn’t like the gameplay, period. It felt clunky to me. I put in 6-8 hours and I just wasn’t enjoying it, at all. None of what I just wrote has anything to do with silly console wars.
I'm seeing a pattern here, it seems like somewhere someone said this, but really this is more than those ac formulaic games.. if only because i can actually play this without wanting to puke..

I mean again i have to make it clear that i completely ignore side quests, but it is a huge oversimplification to label this AC... The maps are big, there are icons, but the depth added by things like the variety of robots and strategies for fighting them, the challenge at higher difficulties, the timing required to land certain attacks in time, the narrow dodging windows, the variety of enemy movement and attack, as opposed to the hack'n'slash of AC... It's a different game. It's superior.

In my op i say I'm not saying this is a perfect game, but it's a huge cop out to say it's a Ubisoft clone.

I'm convinced a huge chunk of people judging it only played that first zone, which i also hated and took about 6 attempts to clear.

Not a clone Per se but the game doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. And the side content is awful. I had the same issue with Ghosts and that’s one of my Fav games on PS4.

Sony needs to do more to build compelling worlds with engaging mechanics and not just pretty flat games with Robust photomodes because who cares.


Is this thread intended to become a console war battle ground? No. Will it? Let's hope the mods' campaign of Console War eradication will shield us from the lurkers beyond the circle of light of our collective campfires.
That thread still being pinned at the top of gaming discussion is a bad joke given the lenience presently afforded to thread-ruining morons.


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I found it really boring but the tech is impressive. Beautiful game but that’s not gonna carry it for 70 hours or whatever. I tapped out shortly after Meridian.


Nah, it’s a beautiful game sure but the animations while playing are just okay.
Climbing is bad.
Close combat is still bad too.
The story was boring , I just finished it because it was an easy platinum trophy.

Dirk Benedict

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It's a decent game. The combat is really fun and I stress the best part of the game. It is satisfying breaking down huge bots and dodging their attacks aggressively, and just tearing into them as if I were a sonic the hedgehog-termite-buzzsaw hybrid.
The graphics are also one of the highs of this game. It makes the repetitive parts somewhat more tolerable. The game looks breathtaking in some parts, the IQ is very clean and that's just my first impression on PS4 and my first 30 mins on PC before any major updates.

I want to update the game and give it a proper playthrough on the highest difficulty; Game is piss poor easy otherwise, minus the final battle.
When I think about it, right now... Playing through it on PC maxed out, 4k60 locked sounds really nice.
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