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RTTP: Alien: Isolation - Ten Years On

They fucking nailed the atmosphere and the visuals are absolutely stunning, in fact I imagine that the game still looks amazing. My biggest gripe is that it really outstays its welcome and took around 20 hours to get to the credits. If you don't mind the game being a bit too long for it's own good though, it is a great time.

Chuck Berry

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In the original Alien, do they say it can't be killed under any circumstances? Or that they can't kill it given their current situation (lack of weapons, and/or the acid would create a hull breach)? I thought it was the latter--not that it was invincible.

So good. He says they can’t kill it but I’m guessing it’s because he thinks they just don’t have the means.


fuck you OP

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should be 4 hours. not 20.
After first 4 hours it turns into predictable hiding under table game and "turn on power generator" simulator.
Extremely boring
I agree, though I would bump it up to 8or 10 hours instead of 4. So many games nowadays (and for the last couple of decades) have so much unnecessary padding. The days where 99% of gamers being teenagers and children with all the time in the world was decades ago. I know, I was there (been playing video games since the late 70s).


Great film and really good game, i felt so powerless playing it, which i get was the whole point of it, but i wanted to fight back but you couldn't really lol.
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Playing through it right now. I played through Prey and loved it, wanted something similar and ended up on this. Love it! Amazing atmosphere, visuals, and sound design. Looks awesome even to this day!

Not perfect, but no game is. I don't even love the movies, but this is great. Love the retro Sci fi. Playing on PC.


No I will not be baited into yet another replay OP!

Love love this game. Played it through many times, even on Nightmare occasionally. A true sequel would be very high on my wish list.

Also yes play Amnesia Bunker.
By the way, Survios is supposed to be making an upcoming Aliens game. They made Westworld: Awakening--a woefully unrecognized VR game that reminded me of Alien: Isolation big time. I think they could pull off a spiritual successor to A:I.

(Only 360 reviews!)

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One of these easiest games to give a 10/10. There wasn't a second that I questioned what the theming was.

It's just Alien and that's it.

The section where you relive the original movie and the crashed ship is fucking unbelievable.
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