PlayStation releases trailer for new gaming release: Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion ($39,99) Releases right now Nov 4th 2022 (also on PC & X|S).

This time around, the Bratz are off on a globe trotting adventure to become the world’s best fashion designer. Join them as they travel around the world visiting places like Barcelona, Seoul and of course, Stylesville. They will need to take on quests, chase down stories and take part in lots of mini-games just to get the latest scoop.

Beth Goss, CEO of Outright Games said: “It has been wonderful working with our friends and partners at MGA Entertainment once again, as we bring the Bratz back into the world of video games for the 2020s. We’re very excited for the millions of existing fans around the world, and new audiences who will be introduced to this iconic brand and these beloved characters. This is the first Bratz game to come to PC and consoles in over 10 years, and we can’t wait for everyone to play the game themselves.”

“Bratz are back, and we’re excited to bring an all new Bratz video game to players where they can virtually become the girls with a passion for fashion again. BRATZ: Flaunt Your Fashion brings back the elements loyal fans love: the original, iconic Bratz Pack characters, full customisation with a large collection of new looks, world travel, and a goal to make the quintessential Bratz magazine. Whether a returning fan, a newcomer, or simply a lover of fashion, this is the perfect game to celebrate what the Bratz brand is all about” said Isaac Larian, Founder and CEO of MGA Entertainment.
To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent. See for more details.

First Bratz game to come to consoles in 10 years, also available "optimized" for Xbox Series S|X

They really outdid themselves going all in the the graphics, will be a hit with the female gamers.

$40 is definitely overdoing it, this seems like a $15 indie game unless I'm missing something about the game details, or this game is over 10 hours long.

Deft Beck

You know exactly why this is releasing now and at that price point. It's a holiday targetted game for young female gamers. It'll be $20 by next year.

This is the Outright Games strategy. They adopt cheap kids' properties into games and then collect evergreen profits on them for the entire generation.
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Has in-game/ micro-transactions doesnt it? Young gen easily suckered in to buying digital clothes and paint jobs


lmao imagine being a video game developer with PS5 devkits and you're stuck at this studio making BRATZ.

ultimate passion killer, i would imagine.
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