Pizza Tower |OT| - 30 minutes, or it crumbles!


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What IS Pizza Tower?

Pizza Tower is an upcoming fast paced score based 2D Platformer filled with wacky animation inspired by your favorite 90s cartoons, crazy characters, and some of the grooviest tunes you'll ever hear! A crazed, possibly mentally ill balding italian cook by the name of Peppino Spaghetti is trying to destroy a nearby Pizza Tower which threatens to anihilate his business! He rampages across the tower's 5 floors, collecting toppings, meeting new foes and friends in his mad dash to crumble the tower down to a giant greasy, cheesy pile of rubble.


Peppino Spaghetti: The not at all titular protagonist, and the first playable character! An Italian cook barely scraping by, now under threat of his livelihood being crushed by the Pizza Tower next to his establishment.

Gustavo: A man lost in the Pizza Dungeon, and the second playable character! (exclusive to a few levels) Gustavo is a gnome who cooks and feeds pizza to his fellow gnomes, working with Peppino to crush the Pizza Tower. He gets through stages with his trusty stupid rat, Brick!

The Noise: A weird demonic gremlin who resides in the Pizza Tower! Using the power of hammerspace, he attempts to stop Peppino's conquest of the tower because.... he finds it funny.

The Vigilante: A poor cheeseslime whose farm was wrecked and taken over by The Noise and burnt by Peppino, he scours the Pizza Tower for resources, repair, and revenge.

Pizzaface: The owner of the Pizza Tower establishment and the final boss. A mysterious deity who scours the Pizza Tower looking for the intruder destroying his establishment. Better hope he doesn't find you....

....and many more, found between the walls of the Pizza Tower!


Pizza Tower at its core is a faster, score based Wario Land where the goal is to gain as many Pizza Points as possible, knock off the Pillar John holding up every level, and then make a mad dash to the exit before the timer runs out!

This isn't easy though, as there's a variety of enemies and obstacles blocking your way and preventing destroying this tower from being too easy.
From small fry like Cheeseslimes

to annoying kickers like Pepperoni Goblins

and then there's just those Stupid Rats that sit around and do nothing.

So how are you supposed to get through these treacherous levels? Well...

The thing about Peppino... is that he's fast.

Like, REALLY fast.

His movement is tailored specifically to gaining more speed and maintaining it, with moves such as the Roll, Dive, Super Jump, and the biggest one... the Dash!

This is what enables the fat Italian to go at such ludicrous speeds. He cycles through various tiers of of this dash the faster you go, and the more speed you gain the more moves become available to you. This is the gameplay mechanic that sets it apart from Wario Land, since because of this not only do you have the exploration and puzzle platforming that defined those games but also the sheer speed that made other platformers of the time like Sonic such a blast to play, the distinctive gameplay loop of gaining speed, and then using that speed for various purposes like exploration and completion.
He's also got quite a few transformations as well which can be activated depending on the scenario, like how he becomes a Ball
when kicked by the aforementioned Pepperoni Goblins, or how when he's zapped by a Pizzard,
he becomes a Knight!
Some parts of the levels can't be cleared without these transformations, for instance any area those increasingly Stupid Rats needs to be addressed with a transformation such as Knight Peppino or Ball Peppino.

When you string cheese moves together elegantly in the level design, you can perform crazy runs and overall just become a rampaging machine of destruction, unstoppable to any foe that even had the misfortune of standing in your way.


Oh yeah, the levels! Pizza Tower's creativity doesn't just end at its premise, character designs, animation, gimmicks, gameplay, and music. It continues even into the levels!

From a trip into the cheesy moon...

to a medieval pizza castle...

and a bloody, saucy bone filled dungeon for all the freaks who wanted bones in their Pizza.

There's a great amount of variety to go around! And a lot of it too, the game has over 2 dozen levels.

Steam Page:
Youtube Trailer:

Discord for the game:


Thanks for making this OT, this game has looked excellent for years, I loved the SAGE demo and I'm excited to finally play the full fat game!!!


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How is it?
all of the recent steam reviews are all positive and the one friend i know who bought it (kind of broke at the moment) has been playing it for 2 hours now
There's also the PCGamer review pretty much giving the game fellatio


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Looks amazing! We do need more of these types of games. Whatever the hell it is.


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99% of reviews are positive. safe to say the game met expectations. i hope we get some more reviews from major outlets so this can get a score. I'm hoping for a 80+ MC


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Stutters at times on steam deck.
Also i think the game is trying WAY too hard to be like wario ware 4.

Refunded for now.
Art style is not my fave too maybe i will get it when it drops to a fiver.


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VERY late but here's the soundtrack:



Soundtrack will be coming out later for Spotify
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Damn, this looks so fun. Really hoping it comes to consoles eventually, I'd love to pick it up on switch. Unfortunately I'm just not a pc gamer and probably won't play it otherwise. As an Italian, I both appreciate and find it hilarious that his name is Peppino Spaghetti.


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Vinny is now playing the game

and a couple of positive reviews from YT

call me crazy but i think this is gonna be the vampire survivors of 2023

the game only has 2 critic reviews on Metacritic sadly :/
i hope more big publications review it so the actual metacritic score can come in
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God it's so fugly. Why did they pick such an awful art style? This isn't like Warioland's style, the lines were thicker and made the art style look good, they missed the mark here, it looks like an awful 90's cheap PC game.
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God it's so fugly. Why did they pick such an awful art style? This isn't like Warioland's style, the lines were thicker and made the art style look good, they missed the mark here, it looks like an awful 90's cheap PC game.
Can't think of any 90's cheap PC game with this much animation, attention to detail and fluidity, but one mans treasure is another mans trash i suppose

this is much more faithful to Wario Land's art style and gameplay. I'll probably make an OT on that too for the luls
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