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Phil Spencer Is Back in Japan: “Strong Energy and Excitement Here About Gaming’s Future”


Apr 2, 2016
The guy spends the majority of his times doing interviews dressed like a teenager and talking about stuff that basically never comes to fruition (usually about major games or "AAAA" games).

He sells snake oil to the Xbox crowd. He's good at it.

Dressed like a teenager? Jeans and a T-shirt? Or when he wears collard shirts with jeans? I don't get it. How does the way he dresses impact his ability to lead Xbox in any way? Do you think only people in goddam suits are capable of running a huge corporation? How dense can you possibly be?

As for selling snake oil. He promotes a product he believes in. He is doing the exact same thing as anyone from Sony, Nintendo or Google for that matter. These guys are in business to make money. The sooner you realize that and stop believing they are your pals or some shit the easier it is to realize they are doing a job and are just lucky enough to do one they enjoy. There is little more to it than that.