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No Hellblade, No Halo: Infinite. Xbox is too soft with their developers.

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When MercurySteam developed Metroid Dread, they said that Nintendo was tough to work for, because they relentlessly demanded higher quality than anyone else they worked with before.

This is something Xbox needs to pick up on.

Ninja Theory prided themselves on being a small team that was developing a shorter triple-A title with Hellblade. Now, they have gone full triple-AAA on the first flop, and while they did mention they started full production in 2021, the scope of the development cycle seems absurd. Is Xbox giving them free reigns? the game got potential, but no one expects this to be a massive blockbuster, this ain't Naughty Dog.

I was sure 343 was making a Halo Battle Royale, but with no mention at the showcase, it's not coming out in at least 12 months, which makes me believe there is no Battle Royale at all.

Xbox needs to put the damn foot down, kick 343 in the ass, demand 10 times the content they are delivering, and tell Ninja Theory that a 6-year development cycle is unacceptable for Hellblade 2.

The demand and expectation of quality need to come from the top. Not through "freedom and trust in developers". That's a sure sign of long dev cycles and mediocre products.
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