Netflix Reveals First Trailer, Poster For Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild


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Other than the laughable presentation, to me the real problem is that Capcom continues to be unable to create plots and drama in the monster hunter universe other than “monster behaving badly, go kill it therefore people who hunt monsters are just preserving the balance”.

Monster hunter 4 tried to mask it under the guise of the monsters being infected with a virus.

Monster hunter generations… has no plot, just go kill monsters.

Monster hunter world, this time they tried and the whole thing is wrapped around the “expedition” framework, although in the day to day most if not all the hunts were just about XXX monster is being troublesome, go kill it.

Monster Hunter Rise went back to the old ways and the plot is just monsters be mad, go kill them.

Recently I’m playing stories 2 (a turn based rpg in the monster hunter universe) and while there’s a framework around a prophecy 90% of the rest is just “monster be mad, please kill”. It’s essentially a storyless RPG.

Its obvious that Capcom has multimedia ambitions with the franchise, but unless they find a way to incorporate proper plots and stories into the monster hunter universe their efforts will be wasted.

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