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MultiVersus is being played more than every other fighting game on PC combined and it's not even out of Early Access yet


what's the point of playing Virtua fighter anyways when tekken exists?



It's free and secondly this is like Souls games having ez mode for fighting games.
Of course, it's going to gain more attention and playtime.

Brawlers are naturally fun to boot.
Fun IS allowed.
to be fair, what's the point of playing Virtua fighter anyways when tekken exists? same concept but done better
Virtua Fighter is actually quite different from Tekken. As a matter of fact, I think Virtua Fighter is a tad closer to Dead or Alive than Tekken in mechanics and gameplay. I think both games are excellent and can coexist. We need more 3D fighters on the market anyway.


Multiversus has all the ingredients for a really successful run:

  1. Free to Play
  2. Cross-play
  3. Cross-progression
  4. Beloved franchises and characters
  5. Not restricted to WB
  6. Easy to pick up/possible to master gameplay
  7. Constant stream of content (lots of datamined characters are already in the lineup)
  8. Premium stuff restricted to skins only
They would really have to go out of their way to f*** this up.


So played as Superman did ok enough and got 3000 gold. Bought Tom & Jerry and now I’m getting wrecked. Juggle city😑

CS Lurker

I'm loving the game a lot. It's amazing how nicely everything works there. It's a really smooth experience with the dedicated servers. And the gameplay is legitimately fun (both 2v2 and 1v1). I hope they make a lot of money because they deserve.


yeah, I defend games from stupid takes even if I am not the biggest fan, that's what I do 😘 you're welcome
Not a dumb take when it's the truth but like I said every common has there own people like league suicides cs go gambling and StarCraft match fixing the list goes on.
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