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Monster Hunter: Rise (PC) - Review Thread



Publisher: Capcom

Review Aggregator: Metacritic 88/100 - 23 Reviews

  • Good is a Geek - 100/100
An excellent port that presents a solid, complete experience. Super fast load times, improved performance and a ton of content make Monster Hunter Rise on PC the definitive version.
  • Screen Rant: 100/100
Monster Hunter Rise looks better on PC, runs better on PC, has more control & online options on PC, and arrives with more content at its respective launch.
  • The Games Machine - 94/100
Monster Hunter Rise was an excellent chapter of the series on Switch, but the PC version plays in a completely different category. If you liked Monster Hunter World, you'll love Rise. Yes, even if the thought of starting all over again terrifies you.
  • Vandal - 92/100 (no quote)
  • WCCFtech - 90/100

With the streamlining of some of the most annoying aspects of the Monster Hunter experience and some excellent additions to the formula like Wirebugs and Switch Skills, Monster Hunter Rise reaches the heights of the best entries in the series with ease. While not all of the changes and new features have been for the best, like Rampage Quests, their general quality level, and the amazing PC port, do make the game one that's worth playing for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers.
  • Gamestar - 86/100(no quote)
  • Milenium - 85/100
Monster Hunter Rise is a successful and worthy port, its fantastic gameplay and content more than compensate for the somewhat outdated graphics on PC. It's still clean and rather pleasant to look at during the fights, and especially very fluid. Those who enjoyed Monster Hunter World shouldn't hesitate to jump in, it's an equally valid game in the license, even if it's a bit different. For the others, it's also a gateway to the license, with improvements in comfort and accessibility, as well as a slightly faster pace of play than its predecessors.
  • Eurogamer Italy : 80/100
Monster Hunter Rise arrives on PC in dazzling form, complete with support for 4K resolution, unlocked frame-rate and ultrawide monitors. Too bad we’re not able to carry the old save into this new version that will force you to start all over again.
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The user reviews on Steam amaze me. People complaining the port of a switch game looks like a switch game. Good to see some decent scores for this one.

My complaint is either I'm doing something wrong or my game is bugged. The game seemingly won't let me talk to one of the very first NPC's you meet. Kind of killed my vibe so I'm waiting for an update.

I avoided the switch release for this version. I hear it's fantastic. Can't wait to sink hours into the game.
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