Microsoft to host extended Xbox games showcase on June 17, 2021. 10AM PT/1PM ET/6PM BST


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Keep it coming!
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Sounds good. At minimum, make the feed 60 fps MS. My laptop cant handle playing 4k YT so 1080p is fine for my hardware, but that E3 stream was a weird mish mash of 30 fps videos and 4k/60 segments.


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I'll tune in, but I can imagine it will just be dev diary kinda videos, but will be interesting to see regardless :)

Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised by something.
Microsoft should just release the 2020 8 minute Campaign Halo gameplay with the new visuals.

That would spoil nothing, but shows the graphics. Would generate hype and would be not that much extra work.

Sometimes I don't understand them
That's assuming there's significant graphical improvements to show off. Otherwise it would just turn into another meme.


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If I were them it would just be a 1-2 minute glamour reel of the best looking parts of infinite, including some indoor stuff with good lighting. Whatever makes the game look best, with a good tune, etc.
Interesting…glad to see this and I’m excited. In addition to Hellblade II, maybe we’ll see some other work that will drop soon.

I’m not expecting any megaton out of this, but it would be interesting if we get more visibility into some of the more sought-after titles.

That or an XSX Freezer to go with the XSX Mini Fridge.


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In other words, the show they hyped and hyped for weeks did not move the needle.

Yeah they planned this new show over night because the other show didnt move the needle.
All the new shit they have recorded and ready to talk about....made overnight.
Getting a host and employees from studios to drop what they are doing to do this new show?...overnight.

Get serious man.

Clearly the plan was the press conference to have as little talking as possible.
And then the "extended" cut to be for people who want to listen to developers talking.

Tis the same reason eh Halo MP reveal was quick yet they already had an MP overview ready to publish that includes alot more talking.

Genpop seems to NOT want to hear devs talking, while some people actually enjoying hearing dev talks, so by splitting the show into basically two sections one with a bunch of dev talks and one thats just trailer after trailer they can "theoretically" make everyone happy.

Obviously not those who just hate Microsoft but for normal people if you all you wanted was a bunch of trailers you got that....if you really want to hear devs talking about their games you are gonna get that too.

Its kinda like how people would watch E3 conferences but then never watch roundtable or E3 coleseaum.....MS is just doing that themselves.
Split the extra nerdy stuff into its own section.


This is what I want! I loved the roundtable with Bethesda + Xbox in March and wanted to hear more from the other studios that may not have been ready to show some curated trailer. This is perfect.

Parris is also a great speaker, so he is perfect for the role. Happy for his career growth.


Anyone got the link? Can’t find anything on the Xbox YouTube channel.

Fuck I thought this was today nvm.
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Of course not. It'll be some absolutely pointless "developer diary" video of the team walking through the Icelandic mountains, filmed by a drone.

Something like:

Imagine getting your core creative team to take time away from their families to fly to Iceland and trek across 40 different (previously scouted) locations for 2 weeks, just to create visual and audio assets for a game they're developing for us to enjoy...

...and then looking online at someone saying it isn't a developer diary, just a pointless video of them walking.

All you can do is laugh at GAF sometimes. 😊
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